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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Terrorist Homes & Gardens

Did you ever wonder what $1 million dollars will buy in the Abbottabad Pakistan residential real estate market? I didn’t think so. To satisfy your curiosity and mine, I did a Google search on the question and here’s what I found:

A recently abandoned terrorist hunting lodge and hideout, situated within a tranquil gated and high walled compound, located in lovely suburban Abbottabad, fully furnished, and featuring all the latest modern amenities, has just come on the Abbottabad market at only $1 million, after the previous owner suffered an acute reversal of personal fortune, according to the Pakistani High End Real Estate Association.

Note especially, the sturdy, angular, naturally finished concrete block fortification construction technique done in contemporary modern minimalist Middle Eastern shoebox style, complete with barbed wire accents, manicured Fred Sanford inspired gardens, and austere third world prison motifs:  

This beautiful estate and grounds is nestled within the most exclusive subdivision of luscious Abbottabad valley, with spectacular mountain vistas in the background, amid picturesque native Pakistani landscapes and architecture:

The property comes with a personal front doorman, butler, and all around general gofer terrorist lackey cadet in training:

Art Deco style fixtures and impeccable furnishings adorn the main residence:

A 5 star live-in maid staff keeps the interior rooms of the main residence sparkling clean at all times:

The latest technology in home entertainment theater hardware is included, featuring remote control, flat wide screen LED TV, and another terrorist lackey who looks exactly like Osama bin Laden to change the channels for you:

I know, I know, this dump could be bought in inner city Detroit for 50 grand, things being as they are in America today, but the real estate market is positively skyrocketing in Abbottabad Pakistan right now, thanks to all the help from good hearted Americans who keep the local economy flush with foreign aid cash.

Consequently, $1 million doesn’t go very far in Abbottabad anymore.

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