Conventional collectivist created authority is a deception in consciousness. You are your own Authority!

About Authority!

Authority!  What is it? Where does it come from? What does it mean? What is consciousness? How does it relate to the contextual reality of existence? Are you deceived? What do gods and the bible have to do with it? What is moral? What is your purpose? What is the meaning of life?

Discover herewith the implications of consciousness and the reality of existence - the benefits and the detriments - the foundation of your Authority!


Authority is a product of consciousness. Consciousness, as distinguished from cognition, is a learned thought process, a method of organized thinking, which facilitates the construction and manipulation of conceptual abstractions in your mind. Cognition is a biological adaptation which means that it is inherited. Consciousness is a cultural adaptation which means that it is learned. Like mathematics consciousness is a human invention, a mental tool used for grasping, organizing, controlling, and manipulating your thoughts.

Human unconscious thinking and behavior is similar to that in other animals. You breathe unconsciously, scratch your itches unconsciously, walk, run, and move around unconsciously; ride your bicycle, drive your car, mow your lawn, copulate, become fearful, aggressive, territorial, jealous, sad, exhilarated, excited, all unconsciously. You think and behave automatically and immediately within the contextual reality of existence. By far, most of your thinking is unconscious thinking.

There is no biological record of consciousness. All the evidence of consciousness is cultural. In fact, consciousness is entirely a cultural adaptation, a learned method of thinking. It is learned by understanding the use of abstractions and metaphor's in conceptual language and communication. You acquired consciousness as a young child when you learned to engage in abstract thought.

Conceptual language is both the product and the fuel of consciousness. Consciousness facilitates the building of one abstraction upon another into a complex integrated matrix of abstractions which serve to form complete pictures, controlled, organized, and displayed in your mind.

Consciousness is your imagination. It is what separates the savage from the civilized. The human animal simply learned how to distinguish (imagine) concept “things” apart from real things and we have been doing it ever since. Human beings are the only organisms that have learned to use consciousness. Before consciousness was invented all humans were unconscious, and remained unconscious all their lives, just like every other animal in the jungle.

You might exploit existence, or allow existence to exploit you. Consciousness enhances your life. It gives you Authority over your own existence. You might use it to enhance or diminish your life. Conscious minds together with considered action can transform existence into fabulous new forms of existence: Wheels; Automobiles; Computers; Space ships. Reality can be distinguished from non-reality, or non-reality can be accepted as reality. Consciousness might be used to indulge in elaborate fantasies or to sort out and deal with the realities of existence.

Existence is transformed by action. Action within the contextual reality of existence changes reality, and considered action changes reality consciously. Reality may be conceptualized and organized in your mind with consciousness but thoughts alone do not equal existence. Thoughts alone do not change reality. Consciousness does not equal existence. Imagination does not equal existence. They are but mental tools you created to organize your thinking.

Your private consciousness is part of your self identity and individuality.

You are your own Authority!


The realities of existence are known cognitively. Nonexistence and falsehood is only imagined using consciousness. The “truth” is what you “believe,” i.e. the conceptual abstractions you accept as realities using consciousness. That “truth” is your Authority!

A reality is always experienced cognitively and in context. Therefore, the relevant question is not what is the fact or what is the truth, but: What is the cognitive contextual reality? You always experience reality cognitively and in context, never consciously in the abstract. The realities of existence are always immediate in context and definite.

But language is never definite. Words are indefinite; abstractions are indefinite; conceptual communication is indefinite. Consciousness is indefinite. Conceptual language can define any real thing or any imaginary “thing.” “Facts” and “truths” may be pictured and communicated completely out of cognitive context. So consciousness can turn an abstracted falsehood into a “truth,” a fiction into a “fact,” and nonexistence into “existence.”

Words are the means of deception as well as enlightenment. Consciousness is without limits. The imaginary knows no bounds. Consciousness alone gives meaning to falsehood. Nonexistence is only experienced consciously. You deceive yourself and are deceived only in consciousness.

Deception involves the promotion and acceptance of abstract falsehoods as reality. To be mistaken is to misinterpret the contextual reality. Mistaken is not deceived. Deception requires the acceptance of a consciously created falsehood as a reality by a conscious mind. Deception can only occur in that little “mind space” inside your head: your subjective consciousness – your imagination. Those who accept consciously created abstractions as realities are deceived.

The conceptual abstractions you accept and believe are your Authority! Authority is accepted or not only in individual consciousness. A consciously created abstract “purpose,” if accepted as reality, is a deception. A “collective mind” is a conceptual abstraction promoted by individuals to enslave your thinking. Individuals are the reality. You know that unconsciously. You have your own body, your own brain, your own mind and your own private consciousness. You are an individual. That is the cognitive contextual reality. A collective consciousness is entirely imaginary. If you accept it as a reality, you are deceived.

There is no such thing as “culture” in the contextual reality of existence. There is no such thing as a “group” in the contextual reality of existence. Culture is just a matrix of learned abstractions: mind pictures. A group is an idea – a “thing.” Groups are conceptual abstractions – pictures you create in your mind to organize your thinking. You “see” numbers of individual entities as a “thing” in your mind which you consider separately and apart from the real individuals. It is only the individuals which exist within the contextual reality of existence. No “group” ever thought, felt, or did anything, ever.

And so it is with all the other abstract group concepts: “society,” “nation,” “kingdom,” “community,” and “family.” They too are “group thing” abstractions which exist only in consciousness. All are abstract “things,” invented, understood, and shared by individual consciousness to organize individual thought and action. The group does not act. Only individuals act. The group does not think. Only individuals think. The group does not benefit. Only individuals benefit.

Yet most people regard “society” as a real “thing” that has feelings, needs and desires separate and apart from its individual constituents. They are deceived by Authority! “Society” might even make a claim on you for your sacrifice to the “greater good” of the “thing.” “It” calls upon you to merge your own individual consciousness with the “group.”

Flocks of human sheep are fleeced for the “greater good” of the abstract “group” – the Authority! The world is full of willing human slaves who have surrendered their individual consciousness for others to manipulate. They are culturally programmed by deception to take for granted an obligation to serve an abstract imaginary Authority!


Religion and politics are two sides of the same coin. They employ the same means and share identical purposes. They grew up together, side by side, as we know from the history of civilizations. It is almost always the gods, the rulers of the people, and the masters of politics, who cause the most problems for society. They are the ones who constantly demand sacrifices, regulate us, engineer wars, and promote their visions of collective glory. They are the parasites of human civilization. Their subjects (the sheep), are the ones who do the real work creating values for the benefit of people.

Priests and politicians make their living the same way. They are the appointed Wizards of Oz, who always seem to know what is best for you and everyone else, and aren't the least bit afraid to use force to convince us of their Authority!

Gods and political “collectives” are “seen” using consciousness as “things” having human needs, desires, and which are capable of giving blessings. If you accept “its” power over you as a reality, you are deceived, and “it” becomes your Authority! “It” exists in your consciousness as a god because you created “it” and willingly allow “it” to reside there. You always experience “it” consciously – never cognitively.

Suicide bombers, for example, are deceived by Authority! Many millions of slaves have been domesticated and sacrificed by Authority since the dawn of consciousness. Authorities have been culturally promoted relentlessly for thousands of years. They provide Authority and Authorization for individual human thought and activity. They provide “moral legitimacy,” “facts,” “truths,” and “wisdom” which too often cannot be questioned or verified. Gods are metaphors for human Authority! Just like other abstract conceptual “things,” they live on immortal in minds using consciousness.

Children are taught relentlessly to accept abstract falsehoods as reality every day of their lives by parents, teachers, preachers, and such: Authorities who are themselves the deceived and obedient slaves of Authority! When abstract falsehood is successfully promoted and culturally institutionalized it becomes “facts” and “truths” – Authority -- in the consciousness of a child. That child will begin to perpetuate and promote abstracted falsehood on his own. He might even come to promote his own Authority!

The human record is replete with gods since the invention of consciousness but curiously, there is no evidence of gods associated with any other living or non living entity, ever. Gods were created by human beings, are entirely imaginary, and solely the product of conceptual abstractions in consciousness. Everyone knows this unconsciously. You know it unconsciously. Gods are never experienced in unconscious thinking.

No god can ever enslave you against your will, but the slaves of a god can. The slaves of gods always do the dirty work. They plunder. They murder. They spoil. They sacrifice themselves. If you are in their path, you will be trampled. If you join them, they will likely sacrifice you.

Gods are conceived by deception in individual conscious minds, promoted successfully, then culturally institutionalized by multitudes of individual conscious minds. They willingly sacrifice their individual consciousness to the abstract “collective consciousness” of a “thing.” They are deceived soldiers in an army of willing slaves capable of immense destruction on a grand scale.

There are no limits to Authority! Authority is infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, unaccountable, and eternal as long as it is accepted in conscious minds. Gods are “seen” in consciousness as ultimate Authority!

Authority is always looking for slaves. The God described in the first book of the Old Testament has been culturally promoted as the ultimate Authority over western civilization for the last 3,000 years. The bible tells you right off in the first book that consciousness is a “thing,” i.e. a forbidden “fruit.” Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden by the ultimate human Authority for acquiring consciousness from the Tree of Knowledge, which allowed them to distinguish between good and bad. Your individual use of consciousness to discern morality is evil and sinful – in fact the original sin -- according to this God Authority!

The Holy Bible is all about the implications of consciousness. Gods are the cultural foundation, justification, sanction, and legitimacy for all human Authority and the long term enslavement of multitudes of individuals using consciousness.

Morality and the Meaning of Life

A reality exists in context and requires only identity. There is only one contextual reality. Existence is the essence, the purpose of all life, and all things. You don’t have to believe it – you know it unconsciously. The purpose of existence is to exist. The purpose of your existence is to exist and continue your existence, which happens to be exactly the same purpose as that of every virus, bacterium, plant, animal, rock, or particle in the universe. Every unconscious entity knows that cognitively and behaves accordingly.

Biblical and other collectivist morality schemes mean self denial -- selfless mindless sacrifice; the giving up of every value offered to you within the contextual reality of existence, including your life. It means ignoring the contextual realities of existence; and the merging of your individual identity and consciousness with the “thing” -- Authority!

The parasites take advantage of the deceived by benefiting from their sacrifices. If it is moral for one person to prey upon another, then it is moral for anyone to prey upon anyone else. That has been the consequence of biblical morality upon civilizations from the beginning.

First, the God of Genesis tells you that you are filthy scum from the dirty womb; guilty; worthless; disposable; expendable. Then Jesus Christ ratifies all of that and tells you that the contextual reality of existence is a lie; the use of consciousness for yourself is evil; the end is near; and to sacrifice everything you have – your mind, body, and all that you love and value on this earth to a conceptual abstract imaginary Authority!

It is all a culturally premeditated assault upon reason. Behind the curtains of irrational confusion always lurk the parasites that benefit from the deception. They enjoy the sacrifices. The Holy Bible was written by human beings. We have studied it and see now how religion and biblical morality is culturally promoted by individuals as ultimate human Authority for the purpose of inducing individual sacrifice and legitimizing human Authority!

It is impossible to deny yourself in the contextual reality of existence. It is impossible to be selfless. Everything you do is selfish. You know that unconsciously. Human beings, like all other organisms are perfectly adapted to the contextual reality of existence. The contextual reality of existence is always now. Morality – the rules of civilization -- should therefore be derived from reason, logic, and knowledge of the contextual realties of existence.

The most fundamental element of the consciously created abstract concept of liberty is individual self ownership of body and mind. Without that at a minimum, there is no liberty. The liberty of every individual on earth should therefore be inviolate except only as it interferes wrongfully with the liberty of another. That is where the rules should start.

You are morally entitled to live your life for yourself. If you are smart, you will want to make friends. If you are smart, you will recognize the benefits of cooperation, trade, and business with others. You are civilized, not because you are commanded to do it; you are civilized because you selfishly want to be civilized.

There has always been a need for rules. After so many thousands of years of conscious thinking and human civilization, however, why isn't morality recognized by individuals as the same everywhere on the planet? Think of the benefits for everyone if civilized human beings could only agree upon some basic rules – rules simple enough for everyone everywhere to understand – rules every peaceful honest person could live by without sacrificing Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness to a “thing.”

Why can’t we have a simple code of civilized Authority! Why can’t the basic rules of civilization be printed in a booklet to fit inside your shirt pocket? One such basic rule might be: Any taking of property, including life and liberty, from a person by force or deception is prohibited, except as against violator's of this rule.

This simple rule recognizes that it is moral for individuals to be free; to own property, including their lives and their liberty; and immoral for individuals to take property from other individuals by force or deception. It recognizes that violators have no claim to property not their own. It is an example of civilized Authority! Had this simple logical and reasonable rule been conceived, culturally promoted, accepted, and institutionalized by the multitudes from the beginning of civilizations, instead of Gods; human slavery would always be prohibited; wars would always be prohibited; wrongful takings would always be prohibited.

It has been said that as a man serves himself he serves society. That is liberty. That is freedom. That is the moral purpose for human beings. It is morality based upon reason, logic, and knowledge of the contextual realities of existence. It affirms human nature and the purpose of every living organism and non-living entity on earth. You know that unconsciously. You’ve always known it. Enjoying and enhancing your own individual existence is the meaning of life.

Most people just don't want to be free. They have not learned to be free.  Freedom is too much of a responsibility for them. They much prefer to belong. They crave leaders. They idolize celebrities. They need direction. They want it for themselves and everyone. And they are satisfied with whatever liberties their Authority sees fit to grant them. The group is their identity and all must belong to the group.

Take it or leave it:

You are your own Authority! You owe no intrinsic moral duty to sacrifice yourself. You owe no intrinsic moral duty to live for others. Your only moral duty is to leave others in peace.


The purpose of this blog is to expose the deceptions of Authority!