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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Moore deception

When you think of prominent faces in today’s Democratic Party, who comes to mind?

Michael Moore?

He typifies the Democratic Party in my mind as I’ve observed more than once on these pages. Michael Moore, that ugly scruffy face of our American ultra-left wing loony toons fringe brigade, hates our new President so much, and is so completely deluded,  that he’s willing to claim in all seriousness that Donald Trump, in only 70 days as President, has already caused the total “extinction of Human life on earth.,” I posted last April. 

Michael Moore claimed then that Trump is killing us all. It’s now almost a year later. Do you believe it?

This is the face of America’s Democrat Party today: a morbidly obese slob whose single pathetic mission in life is to sabotage the Presidency of Donald Trump by any and all intellectually dishonest means possible, I observed last February. 

“First, let's acknowledge what we all know to be true: Trump is in deep, deep trouble -- in the pocket of Russians, surrounded by alt.right idiots, alone in his bathrobe in a mostly-empty White House -- and caught inside a disgusting "shit-sandwich", said Moore. Do you believe it?

That’s right, Michael; just keep telling your Party a sack of transparently bold faced lies about “the dark force that is Trump,” and expect them to be believed. Do you believe it? 

Michael Moore admits that he’s on a political vendetta against Trump. Sounds like a great way to gain lasting friendship and credibility with Americans, and their politician representatives on both sides of the aisle, doesn’t it?

Last Saturday Moore spoke during the Women's March on Washington claiming that President Trump needs to be overthrown before he ends the world. “Donald J. Trump has proven himself to be completely unfit for office, a threat to our country, and an imminent danger to the world. He is not well; he is a malignant narcissist and an active sociopath. And because he holds the codes to fire nuclear weapons, he is a singular threat to humanity,” Do you believe it?

“I'm joining Mark Ruffalo, Common, Whoopi Goldberg, Wanda Sykes, and Cynthia Nixon, as well as inspirational grassroots leaders and progressive organizing champions and MoveOn for the People's State of the Union event in New York City on Monday, the day before Trump gives his State of the Union speech in front of Congress” says Moore. “And maybe you can join us there, too! Together, we will show that bully in the White House that we aren't going away. In fact, we're only getting stronger, and we'll be marching to the ballot boxes this fall. Do you believe it?

Yes indeed, when Americans think of prominent faces in the Democrat Party today, they think of Michael Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Rep. Maxine Watters, Antifa,, Occupy Wall Street, Harvey Weinstein & the Hollywood Elites, Rep. Frederica Wilson, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and on and on.

Do you believe these people? If so, by all means you may vote for them and all they represent, including their next candidate for president.

Let them talk! Let them keep talking. Listen carefully to them. Do you believe it?

The more they talk -- the more they deceive -- the less they will be believed.

Monday, January 22, 2018

“D” stands for deceit

Government policy affects our lives. So it is necessary to follow politics. Political party affiliation is not necessary though. All political parties are flawed. I’m neither Republican nor Democrat but lean Libertarian. It’s the policy which becomes law that’s important no matter who initiates it -- not the party. Too many good people forget that. I like all my Democrat affiliated friends, for instance, but in today’s toxic political atmosphere, more than at any other time in history, the letter “D” in Democrat stands for deceit.

Party affiliated Democrats today are infected by an irrational hatred for President Donald Trump bordering on pathological. Lacking any credible evidence to support their hatred they consistently employ the artifice of deceit. They lie about the facts. They repeat the lies over and over again in the mainstream media until the people are inundated by falsehoods and deceit. The politically uninformed are conditioned to believe the lies.

Trump is a racist Democrats chant again and again without any evidence. I’ve observed and responded to that lie on these pages with of mountains of evidence to the contrary. He’s not a racist. In fact, he’s accomplished more for race relations during his life than most politicians.

Trump is mentally and physically ill claim the Democrats. He’s crazy. He’s demented. He exhibits early Alzheimer’s disease. He suffers dementia and serious cognitive impairments. He has heart disease. So he’s both mentally and physically unfit to be President of the United States. This is just more deceit. These are bald faced lies.

White House physician, Admiral Ronny Jackson – the same physician who treated Trump’s predecessors, Obama and Bush – shot down every single one of these lies in detail last week at an official press briefing, calling the 71 year old’s physical and mental health excellent.” He’s absolutely “fit for duty,” and will likely be in good health for the rest of his term, as well as a possible second term, Jackson confirmed. In fact, Trump performed “exceedingly well,” scoring 30 out of 30 questions on a cognitive assessment test and showed no signs of cognitive decline.

“The pipe dream of using ‘incapacity’ via the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to remove Mr. Trump, came to a crashing halt this week courtesy of Dr. Ronny Jackson, former President Barack Obama’s doctor,” observed New York Times best-selling author, Tammy Bruce. “I can reliably say, and I think that the folks in the mental health [field] would back me up on the fact that if he had some kind of mental, cognitive issue, that this test is sensitive enough, it would have picked up on it. He would not have got 30 out of 30. … And my personal experience is that he has absolutely no cognitive or mental issues whatsoever,” said the physician who actually examined Trump.

Now Democrats’ deceitfully claim that Republicans are to blame for the “Trump government shutdown.” The facts, however, clearly show that the Democrats insisted on the “Schumer shutdown,” all because of their irrational hatred for Trump.

Republicans passed a continuing resolution in the House to fund the government. Only three Democrats voted for it even though no Democrats objected to any of its provisions. Sixty votes were required in the Senate to make it law. Senator Schumer objected to Senator McConnell’s motion of unanimous consent for a 50-vote final passage vote, effectively killing it and thereby causing the government shutdown.

These lies represent only the tip of the Democrat iceberg of political deceit. (more to come next week)

The letter “D” in Democrat stands for deceit.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Racist mania II

Q: What do irrational people do these days when they don’t agree with your politics?

A: They call you a racist.

President Trump is a racist, they say. Anyone who agrees with any part of his politics is a racist. If you support Trump you are a racist. That’s the political and social atmosphere today. Every political or social motive is racist. Racists are irrationally seen behind every tree as I explained in detail earlier this month in my post: Racist mania.

Now all the Trump haters on the planet are crowing sanctimoniously about “more proof” that he’s a racist because he talked tough about his immigration policy during a closed door off the record bipartisan oval office meeting with congressional attendees. Naturally, a huge media controversy ensued.

Democratic Senator, Dick Durbin, got the racist mania ball rolling again when he told the media that Trump repeatedly complained during the meeting about immigrants from “shithole countries.” 

"The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used,” Trump tweeted in response. He characterized Durban’s claims as “Made up by Dems.”

There is no audio or visual record of what anyone said. So we have no choice but to consider the recollections of attendees who were there. Republican Sens. Tom Cotton (AR) and David Perdue (GA) confirmed they don't recall those vulgar characterizations from the President.

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Perdue said Trump did not make that comment. “The gross misrepresentation was that language was used in there that was not used and also that the tone of that meeting was not contributory and not constructive.”

Sunday on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Sen. Cotton said Durbin misrepresented Trump’s reported “shithole” comments. “I didn’t hear that word either,” Cotton said. “I certainly didn’t hear what Sen. Durbin has said repeatedly. Sen. Durbin has a history of misrepresenting what happens in White House meetings, though, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by that… “I didn’t hear it. And I was sitting no farther away from Donald Trump than Dick Durbin was, and I know what Dick Durbin has said about the president’s repeated statements is incorrect.”

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was also an attendee. She said Sunday she doesn’t recall President Donald Trump’s reported comments about immigration from “shithole” countries. “The president is saying is he would like to move to merit-based, based on individuals. Whether individuals can come here and contribute to our society, help our economy and assimilating communities and help America be better,” she said. “I take a little bit of offense to the comments and suggestions that the president is racist. He's looking at the exact merit-based system they have in Australia and Canada. I'm sure that we are not, any of us, suggesting that Australia and ... Canada['s] leaders are racist.”

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said Sunday that it is "unfair" to call President Donald Trump a racist. “I think it’s unfair to sort of paint him, ‘oh well, he’s a racist,’ when I know for a fact that he cares very deeply about the people of Haiti because he helped finance a trip where they would get vision back for 200 people in Haiti,” Paul said.

“Donald Trump is not a racist,” actor/director/producer Clint Eastwood says  in a 2016 interview with Esquire. “Get over it!” Young America — which he has dubbed both the “kiss-ass” and “pussy” generation — needs to stop throwing the word “racist” around so freely. “[Trump’s] onto something, because secretly everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up,” he said. “We’re really in a pussy generation. Everybody’s walking on eggshells. We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.”

“Racism is just a word that is being bandied about and thrown… at the president unjustly,” said Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece, Alveda King this week. “President Trump is not a racist.” She defended accusations of racism against Trump, calling his critics “outrageous.”

Appearing alongside President Trump at a White House event honoring Martin Luther King Jr. on Friday, the nephew of the late civil rights icon said he does not believe Trump is racist “in the traditional sense.”   

After being ousted from her job as communications director in the Office of Public Liaison at the White House, Omarosa Manigault Newman still wants to stand behind the man who has had the opportunity to fire her not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times in the last 15 years. Omarosa claims in a new interview that Donald Trump is not racist.

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain wants to dispel “one of the biggest lies out there about Donald Trump”: that he’s a racist. “I wanna set the record straight because that’s what I do, as you know, on my radio show nearly every day… Why? Because there are a lot of lies out there. Allow me to set the record straight about one of the biggest lies out there about Donald Trump, and I hope the liberals and the liberal media’s listening… “Donald Trump is not a racist…. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. I know what a racist looks like when I see one, and Donald Trump is not a racist.”

Kara Young, who is biracial, was Trump’s girlfriend for two years in the ‘90s. She’s surprised that her ex-boyfriend is up to his neck in racial controversy. “I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people,” she told the New York Times.

In 2016 Rev. Jesse Jackson praises and thanks Donald Trump for a lifetime of service to African Americans

Let me make myself perfectly clear: President Trump is NOT and never has been a racist! This irrational racist mania in the political atmosphere of today is rendering the term “racist” meaningless. Eventually it’s going to boomerang against the Trump haters.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Oprah Winfrey: Is this the best they've got?

I admire and respect Oprah Winfrey for her talent and business success. She was the recipient last Sunday of the Golden Globes' annual Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement at a gathering of her ultra-leftist Hollywood friends and is now being seriously touted by Democrats as the best candidate to beat Donald Trump for President of the United States in 2020.

Seriously?  Is this the best they've got?

Winfrey has cultivated over many years huge celebrity to her female fans as the soft fuzzy image of a modern day enlightened everywoman with her self-aware, self-help, positive-thinking attitude.

She fancies herself a champion for women and women’s rights as indicated by her acceptance speech lecture to men during Sunday night's award ceremony: 

“So I want tonight to express gratitude to all the women who have endured years of abuse and assault because they, like my mother, had children to feed and bills to pay and dreams to pursue… For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those men. But their time is up. Their time is up.”

Oprah and the rest of her shallow minded Hollywood lady friends at the event were dressed in black as a tribute to all the women in history who’ve been sexually exploited, assaulted and abused by men. Conspicuously not mentioned in her speech was her best Hollywood buddy, Harvey Weinstein, the greatest sexual abuser of them all.

Winfrey it seems was one of Harvey’s most ardent enabler’s when it came to procuring female victims for his sexual gratification escapades. That’s Oprah herself sucking on Weinstein’s ear at an earlier Hollywood awards ceremony in 2014… 

You see, Oprah has maintained a very close personal and professional relationship with Harvey Weinstein over the past two decades. British actress Kadian Noble, one of his many accusers claims he employed Oprah to lure her in before sexually assaulting her. “I felt completely played,” she said.​ Even after he was exposed as a sexual predator, Oprah called him to offer her advice and support.

So much for Oprah Winfrey being a champion of women and women’s rights.

If Winfrey will run for president, what is her position on the issues, you might ask? What are her policies? In fact, she supports a one world global government. She’s a globalist. In the past, she’s met with George Soros, David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Ted Turner and others at a secret billionaire’s club to promote a world government program designed to reduce the African population by around 50%.

So much for her position on human rights.

What about Winfrey’s past? One 2010 book describes it and her “hidden life” in considerable detail – how she concocted stories about sexual abuse she suffered as a child and grossly exaggerated the poverty she was brought up in. She went to great lengths to conceal her "lesbian affairs," including hefty payoffs, and publicly attached herself to a man friend to appear more normal to her audience of housewives.

She admits that she sold her body to earn extra money and even described herself as a teen "prostitute." Her father, Vernon Winfrey, says he's been dismayed by how Oprah plays fast and loose with the truth. "She may be admired by the world, but I know the truth," he says. "So does God and so does Oprah; two of us remain ashamed."

Her biggest contribution to the self-improvement aspect of her life is her promotion of retail therapy -- the idea that you can spend your way to happiness and fulfillment. She makes the contradictory claims that happiness is available for everyone and that $25 pairs of socks are the way to get it. She’s an awfully expensive person to emulate. She’s just another big government spending leftist.

Her TV show is hardly more sophisticated than Jerry Springer’s. She presents it as an empathetic platform for discussing serious issues, but at heart, it’s still a freak show. The only difference between her show and the low-rent versions is that Oprah gets the A-list freaks. There’s no great truth she’s seeking from her guests.

Oprah’s been lauded as the world’s most powerful and most influential woman due to her millions of viewers, readers, and listeners, and no other talk-show host, celebrity, or world leader has the aura of authority that Oprah has. But while celebrity worship is nothing new, the "cult of Oprah" is on an entirely new level. Her most devout admirers watch her religiously, quote her as an expert, and scramble for every product she endorses or even mentions. The idea that Oprah expresses anything more valuable than her own opinions gives her a level of misplaced trust she doesn’t deserve.

The leftists want Oprah Winfrey for President..

Seriously?  Is this the best they've got?

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Racist mania

Have you ever been called a racist? I have. I’ve been called a racist by a member of my own family. She’s known me since infancy. She’s never heard me express a racist thought in her entire life. It’s one of the ugliest personal labels imaginable against another human being. She knows I’m not a racist. But I support President Trump so she called me a racist.

At least I’m not alone. Anyone who voted for or supports Donald Trump is a racist. That’s what she and the rest of the hard line leftists among us believe. Anyone who disagrees with any part of their irrational politics is a racist. They see racists behind every tree. Those who criticized President Obama, for example, are racists. Conservatives are racists. Republicans are racists. Libertarians are racists. Nationalists are racists. All white people are racists. Every political or social motive is racist.

It’s racist mania.

Farmer’s markets are racist. Did you know that? Yes, it’s because farmers’ markets cause “environmental gentrification” in which “habits of white people are normalized.” Farmer’s markets are “white spaces” oppressing minorities. They’re “exclusionary” because locals cannot “afford the food and/or feel excluded from these new spaces.” Obviously then, all farmers, including minorities, who sell their crops at farmer’s markets are racists.

Many of the trees that racists are hiding behind are racist themselves. That’s right. A row of trees separating a golf course from a “black” neighborhood have been deemed “racist” and must be chopped down. The mayor of Palm Springs and other city officials promised residents they would remove the tamarisk trees and a chain link fence along the property line as soon as possible because the trees were planted for racist reasons in the 1960s,  and remained a lasting remnant of the history of segregation in the city. 

People who object to federal spending have a racist motive, according to a study published in the American Politics Research journal. Despite benefitting the most from taxes, people in many of the United States’ poorest regions appear to oppose federal spending due to bigotry. “As one might have guessed from the racial undertones often present in public discussions on fiscal politics, greater racial resentment was associated with lower support for spending,” the report noted. 

The list goes on and on. Leftists think that they can have their way politically if they call all their opponents racists.

It’s racist mania.