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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What is Liberty?

American culture has metaphorically evolved over the last 235 years into a deep ocean of abstract socialist falsehoods pressing down upon individuals from all sides like a giant liquid vice. The cultural pressure clouds personal judgment, frustrates happiness, impedes freedom, and impairs well-being.

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States of America promise individual freedom and liberty, but those who have sworn an oath to uphold these principles have systematically dismantled them to the point where there is almost nothing left.

Where is the freedom? Where is the liberty?

Liberty is the right to be left alone.

It has been said by a wise philosopher that as a man serves himself he serves society. That is liberty. That is freedom. That is the highest moral purpose for human beings; it affirms human nature because it is morality based upon reason, logic, and knowledge of the contextual realities of existence.

President John F. Kennedy is perhaps most famously remembered for his clarion call for self-sacrifice: “And so my fellow Americans: Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” But America was not founded to become some form of societal ant colony. We’re not supposed to be a nation of sacrificial slaves.

We the people do not belong to this nation. The reality is precisely the opposite -- this nation belongs to the people. So it is perfectly moral and proper to demand that our nation fulfill its purpose and obligation to secure our fundamental constitutional rights to life, liberty, and individual pursuit of happiness.

The government Authority has slowly but successfully curtailed much of our promised liberty, and is poised to curtail even more as it constantly demands new personal sacrifices from each of us in an imaginary socialist crusade for the “greater good.”

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and the rest of the founders who fought the Revolutionary War against the tyranny of the British monarchy, were they alive today, would undoubtedly be sickened and appalled by what America has become.

Americans do not enjoy liberty today – we have merely regulated license. The Authority no longer permits true individual liberty. Our government concept of liberty has now become license -- that which the Authority permits -- the ‘liberty’ of slaves.

The most fundamental element of liberty is individual self ownership of body and mind. Without that at a minimum, there is no liberty. The liberty of every individual should therefore be inviolate except only as it interferes wrongfully with the liberty of another.

The concept of liberty as set forth in the Declaration of Independence includes the logical assumption – the self evident truth -- that it is moral to be free. If it is moral to be free, then it is moral to enjoy and enhance your own individual life, to use liberty for yourself, and to pursue your own happiness.

Liberty encompasses the individual right to choose your own culture: those ideas, customs, and traditions you freely choose to accept, and with which to pursue your own life. But the rabid proponents of unbridled government Authority are not content with controlling their own lives. They demand control over yours; and they want to regulate your culture too.

American children are forced to attend government schools or their equivalent for thirteen of their most formative years where their private individual consciousness is indoctrinated and permeated with irrational and conflicting socialist Authority. This is how innocent compliant little kids are taught what to think instead of how to think so that they can grow up to be good government self-sacrificing slaves.

These government schools are where our children are coerced into mindlessly reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, a government loyalty oath to a “nation under God,” which is an anathema to liberty. What is possibly more conceptually un-American, and repugnant to the original ideals of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States of America, than a government sponsored and mandated loyalty oath? It negates everything America represents, and is tantamount to a religious declaration against individual freedom.

Over the last century, Americans have been ordered by the government Authority to compile and submit a detailed report about ourselves every year disclosing the intimate minutia of our private affairs; giving a full account of names, addresses, contact information, marital status, household members, employment, investments, and income from all sources, bank accounts, spending habits, and on and on. This alone would have been inconceivable to the minds of the founding fathers.

These onerous and tyrannical income tax laws are the primary government conceived mechanism by which all its subjects are coerced into the annual self-sacrifice of huge portions of their income and property to the “thing.” Americans are forced to sacrifice more of the hard earned fruits of their labor than the medieval serfs suffered to pay the lords of their miserable lives during the dark ages.

American citizens are still subject at any time for conscription into mindless wars of imperialistic aggression and expected thereby to sacrifice their individual lives for the benefit of the Authority. Thousands upon thousands of young lives have been sacrificed in this manner since the Civil War.

Innocent conduct, such as gambling and recreational drug use, which involves no potential harm to others, is routinely prohibited by the American government Authority. Private sexuality, for another example, is regulated, restricted, and sacrificed altogether until well after puberty and to a large extent even after one becomes a seasoned adult.

So right now in the United States of America, the culturally accepted government Authority has substantial control over our minds, our bodies, our lives, our property, and even our simple pleasures. 

Most American people no longer want to be free. They have not learned to be free. Freedom is far too much a responsibility for them. They much prefer to belong. They crave leaders. They idolize celebrities. They need direction. They want it for themselves and the want to force it upon everyone else.

Americans today are satisfied with whatever license their Authority sees fit to grant them.

Sadly, that is far from the concept of liberty upon which our nation was conceived.

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  1. I'm not familiar with the micro-history surrounding President Kennedy's inaugural address so perhaps my speculation is flawed, but I like to think that Kennedy would have agreed with you, that the new President was asking Americans to help the USA by helping themselves.