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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Liberty in America: Permission Required

Liberty is well on the way to extinction in the United States of America.
The precious elements of liberty all Americans took for granted and enjoyed during yesteryear require permission and fees today – permission from legions of American gangsters who have carved out every territory in the nation large and small from which to wring out and exploit their hapless victims – their fellow citizens.
Not so long ago in America gangsters and mafia types were looked upon and treated as the criminals they were. They provided liquor when the government prohibited liquor. They furnished prostitution because prostitution was illegal. They dealt in illicit drugs to fill the demand for recreational drugs. They stole; they hijacked; they bribed; they racketeered.
Those gangsters were criminals and when they were caught they paid the price criminals must pay for their crimes. But at least, for the most part, they provided goods and services that many Americans wanted. The average American had little to fear and often something valuable to gain from them.
Today the most vicious and ruthless of the gangsters are not even considered criminals by most Americans, especially those who have lost all perspective as to what it is like to be free.
I’m talking about the parasitical class of lowlifes among us who claim legitimacy for their takings – the politicians and bureaucrats lurking everywhere in plain sight without the slightest apprehension against the wrath of their fellow citizens.  
The old time gangsters provided goods and services that people wanted. But these new style mobsters are like a horde of vampires sucking the juices from the American producers. If America is losing its economic edge in the world – and I think it is – it’s because of these infernal bloodsuckers.
These people are doing things today in the name of the law, justice and legitimacy that would make an old time mafia don blush with shame.
No self respecting gangster in days of old, for instance, would ever dream of extorting their fellow citizens to purchase permission slips for hosting children’s birthday parties in their private homes.
What sort of a maggot species human being would do such a thing?
Why, your neighborhood county supervisor, that’s who.  
The Fauquier County Virginia Board of Supervisors has actually threatened a woman with criminal penalties and fines for the temerity of hosting a child’s birthday party on her private property without permission.
I’m not making this up.
Martha Boneta, owner of a 70 acre farm near the village of Paris, VA, was threatened with nearly $5,000 in fines for selling fresh vegetables, eggs, herbs, produce, and crafts, and throwing unlicensed events, including a birthday party for her best friend's child.
She didn’t have the proper event permits for the party and other events, including wine tastings, craft workshops, and pumpkin carving.
This lady already had a special license issued to her in 2011 that allowed her to run a “retail farm shop,” but the Board of Supervisors changed the “farm sales” classification to require a special permit for activities that were previous including under the license.
So now she’s “out of line” declared Fauquier County Zoning Administrator, Kimberley Johnson. “There were a multitude of violations," said Johnson. She added that Boneta would be able to continue so long as she obtains the proper permits; “She can get an administrative permit for 90 percent of the events being held.”
Birthday parties and pumpkin carvings require permission from the Authority in Fauquier County VA, and that permission requires the payment of tribute to the local legitimate mob.
Add this to the necessity for permits to paint your house, erect a fence, plant a tree, or repave your driveway, and one starts to wonder how long it will be before you have to seek permission and pay a fee to go to the toilet in the United States of America.
I doubt that the Chinese communists require government permission for birthday parties in Beijing. This is a statist nightmare from Hell.
“This affects every farmer. It affects our ability to earn a living to produce and sell on our own land,” said Boneta, in what must qualify as the understatement of the century.
If petty county bureaucrats tried to do this kind of thing to American citizens 100 years ago, they’d have been tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.
Now the people of America just meekly accept the treatment like flocks of frightened sheep. We’re becoming used to exploitation by government parasites.
A few farmers showed up at a board of supervisors meeting with pitchforks to express their support for Boneta, but in the end the thug’s actions were upheld and all went home with tails between their legs.
From now on it seems, permission is required and fees to be paid for what was once considered basic liberty in America.

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  1. "A few farmers showed up at a board of supervisors meeting with pitchforks to express their support for Boneta, but in the end the thug’s actions were upheld and all went home with tails between their legs."

    Yep! This says it all. No will at all to force Leviathan to its knees. Just the same shuffling "Yas Sur Massah" whenever you're told to leave and go home.