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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Braying Barnyard Ass

Why has the United States of America become the most reviled nation on planet Earth over the last several decades? Let me count the ways.
First and foremost it is because of imperialistic statist American politicians like Paul Ryan and so many others who behave like asses braying out in the barnyard. They loudly and constantly portray the United States as a nation which is far superior in all ways to every other nation and must remain so at all costs no matter what.
“We’re number one!” “We’re number one!” “USA!” “USA!” “We are the leaders of the world!” “We have the most powerful economy!” “We have the greatest and mightiest military!” “We have the most bullets, missiles, and bombs!” “We are the policemen of the planet!” “We rule the ocean seas!” “All must bow to our imperial strength!” “All must recognize us as the greatest nation on Earth!”
The leaders and politicians of no other nations do that. It’s arrogant. It’s embarrassing. Every time I witness it from a politician I want to cringe. That’s because I know that we are actually considered as ugly Americans my most of the world’s peoples and rightly so.
"China may someday be looking down on us from the Moon. That's unacceptable,” declared Paul Ryan on the campaign trail recently.
Why on Earth should that be unacceptable? If the Chinese government wants to waste its money by sending a man to the moon what possible harm would that cause to the people of America? We’ve already been there and done that 43 years ago. There was nothing worthwhile up there then and there is nothing worthwhile up there now.
Does the moon belong to Americans too? Do all of space the entire cosmos and universe belong to the USA? No other nation can aspire to explore space? No other country can seek to compete with the great Satan of America? Listening to the braying asses in the barnyard one would think so.
President Obama has "presided over a dismantling of the space program over the last four years." “Mitt Romney and I believe that America must lead in space. Mitt Romney and I believe we need a mission for NASA, a mission for a space program, and we also believe that this is an integral part of our national security," proclaims the braying ass.
"We are near the space coast, I think it's important that we have a space program that has a clear space mission, a space program that we know where we are heading in the future, and a space program that is the unequivocal leader on the planet in space travel and space research," Ryan said at an event at the University of Central Florida. "We don't have that right now."
The president has put the "space program on a path where we are conceding our global position as the unequivocal leader in space… Today, if we want to send an astronaut to the space station, we have to pay the Russians to take him there," Ryan said to boos from the crowd.
Ryan is critical of Obama’s decision to scrap the goal of sending more astronauts to the moon in favor of Mars explorations. They both want to continue wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on space odysseys to nowhere; it’s just a question of how and on what to spend it.
Republicans as well as former astronauts like Neil Armstrong, who passed away last month, were highly critical of the president's plan. Armstrong called it "devastating" and there has been high joblessness in the space coast area. The jobs they’re talking about amount to little more than digging holes in the ground and then filling them back up again – space jobs are a complete waste of money.
Spending outlandish sums of money on space exploration is not the purpose of government. As Thomas Jefferson said in the Declaration of Independence, the only purpose of government is to secure the rights of the people and space exploration does nothing to further that purpose.
Paul Ryan and the braying asses of the barnyard should be thinking of better ways for the American government to secure our fundamental rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness instead of trying to endlessly compete with other nations for the right to be considered number one.

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  1. I bailed out of the rocket racket 20 years ago, giving up a fat salary, and have no regrets on that score.

    Space will be explored and settled when true private enterprises make it happen. Unhappily, the 'private' space companies of today are just new government contractors.