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Monday, March 17, 2014

Statists in Libertarian Clothing

Just when I’m about to conclude that I could support a candidate for President of the United States, because he spouts a libertarian political view, I discover to my dismay that he’s just another statist politician wearing libertarian clothing.

I thought that Rand Paul was a Libertarian first and a Republican second but it looks like I got it backwards. Last week he threw his considerable political clout behind a statist Republican bill passed by the House to force the Obama administration to crack down on legal marijuana in states like Colorado and Washington.

I swear that these right wing ultra-conservative Republican nut cases, Rand Paul included, would criminalize wet dreams if only they could find a way to enforce it. They constantly whine and howl about wanting ‘states rights’ but when the people of a state vote for a measure they don’t approve of they demand that the statist federal government squash it. They’re the lowest form of hypocrite politicians in the nation.

Paul told reporters that he supports the so-called “Enforce the Law Act,” which gives Congress legal standing to sue the president for failing to faithfully execute laws. Obama is “writing his own laws whenever he feels like it,” he said. “He also does need to enforce the law. We write laws and he is just deciding willy-nilly if he likes it he enforces it, if he doesn’t, he won’t enforce it, and we really think he needs to be chastened, rebuked, and told that he needs to obey the constitution.”

Never-mind that every president from George Washington to GWB has done exactly the same thing; if a president were to enforce every law in the federal statutes in every single instance where such law might be properly invoked, there wouldn’t be enough prisons in the country to warehouse all the scofflaws.

Statist Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), who co-introduced the bill, has criticized Obama for “dispensing with federal laws related to immigration, marijuana, and mandatory minimum sentences.” Not enforcing federal drug laws in states that have legalized marijuana “infringes on Congress’s lawmaking authority,” all the statists whine in unison.

If Congress could sue the President and his Attorney General every time it thought they weren’t enforcing every law on the books, the federal judiciary system would be inundated with frivolous lawsuits initiated by disgruntled Congressmen, and wouldn’t have the wherewithal to decide any other litigation.

More importantly, it looks to me like these anal retentive religiously oriented right-wing Republican jackasses have found yet another way to guarantee their Party’s losses in the upcoming 2014 Congressional elections as well as the 2016 presidential election.

If this is the kind of shit they are for, I simply cannot imagine that the average voter will be inclined to vote for them. If they keep on with this crap, which appeals only to their right-wing base, it’s going to be goodbye Senate in 2014 and hello Hillary in 2016.  

And Rand Paul will go down in the sinking Republican Party ship with the rest of them because he’s just another statist in libertarian clothing. 


  1. Ironically, the one place where they would have the strongest point is Obamacare, in which Obama, instead of non-enforcement (which he has the right and many times the obligation to do), is changing the rules without Congressional authorization.

  2. There are no real libertarians in Congress. The way things are set up, no libertarian could get elected because we are too big a threat to the establishment that runs this country.

  3. All of those right wing religious types could live in private voluntary Rothbardian communities and perform drug testing on all citizens by the hour pursuant to contract. With the street being private, their children in their private schools would never come in contact with a thug or a druggie. But they do not appear interested in simple, non-violent solutions.

  4. Rand has Acton's disease. Power corrupts.

  5. Rand Paul rode to power on his father's coattails, stabbed his father in the back, and is doing all he can to endear himself to the statist establishment so he can stay in power and not have to work for the rest of his little life. He is a whore and Ron Paul should be ashamed of having raised such a son.

    It is time for Ron to say that his son is wrong.

  6. Justin "taxes are on the table" Amash is not a liberterian. He spouts liberterian platitudes, and, sometimes, takes liberterian positions, but he is not consistently, liberterian in word OR deed.

    Note Amash's own words via a December 2012 Reason article: "The number one problem is debt. If someone brought a proposal that dealt substantially with entitlements, reforming them to ensure our government remains solvent in the long run, then we have to put everything on the table including taxes. I know some libertarians say it’s wrong to put taxes on the table under any circumstances. I disagree. The number one problem is debt. I don’t want to raise taxes; I don’t believe we need any more revenue for the federal government, but I cannot rule out discussion on taxes if someone else is willing to put on the table major reforms for entitlements."

    There is a lot wrong with his statment. 1) The problem is not debt. The problem is we have dishonest men and women in Congress who day after day break their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution by stealing money from Americans (they call it taxation) and spending it on that which is unconstitutional, which leads to the creation of debt when that spending exceeds what is stolen from Americans via taxation. 2) Entitlements don't need to be reformed; they need to be abolished completely. A system can be implemented, a la Ron Paul's proposals during his last Presidential run, which will act as a bridge (transition) to their abolishment. Full and complete abolishment should be the end goal, not phony "reform." 3) No one should want a solvent government. Solvent means having enough money to cover expenses and debt. If government spends too much, as they do now, and taxes the American public at the level necessary to be solvent, there would be a mass revolt. Of course, government would never rely on taxes alone to cover its spending because of the revolt possibilities - that's why they inflate the money supply and borrow like there's no tomorrow ultimately wrecking the economy and harming Americans. 4) Taxation is theft, clear and simple. And it violates the non-aggression principle. True libertarians want to abolish taxes, not "keep them on the table."

    Amash is not a liberterian. He's a Statist in Libertarian clothing.

  7. The state is a club and only statists are allowed to join. Ron Paul crashed the party, but that will not be allowed to occur again. The state learns from its mistakes.

  8. Obama promised change and gave us business as usual. Perhaps Rand Paul is promising business as usual and will give us change. I doubt it, but it's a fun idea. That would explain why his father does not comment on his son's waywardness.