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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Imperial Empress of Naught

Some politicians understand that the constitutional purpose of government is to secure the rights of the people; that they are public servants in that endeavor; and their jobs involve giving of themselves with diligent humility as opposed to taking for self interest. Others think that the people ought to serve them; that they are our imperial masters; their official privilege for taking.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan come easily to mind as examples of the former. Hillary Clinton is an archetype of the latter. I have followed her career since her time as First Lady during the 1990’s, including all her political aspirations, and not once have I observed the slightest inclination on her part to care about anything aside from her own personal aggrandizements.

I defy anyone to name a single significant political accomplishment toward the purpose of securing the rights of the people during her time as U.S. Senator from the State of New York and Secretary of State under the Obama Administration. Yet for reasons known only to the political gods, she still has legions of kowtowing followers who worship the ground she walks on. If she wants the Democrat nomination for President in 2016, she’ll surely be anointed.

Ms. Clinton acquired a taste for luxury and power as First Lady of the United States. She lived in the White House mansion, flew first class on Air Force One, rode within lavish limousines in presidential motorcades, stayed in the finest of accommodations, consumed only the best food and enjoyed the attentions of scores of lackeys and servants.

As Secretary of State she had a lot more of the same. She imagined her job description as our nation’s top diplomat being her opportunity to travel the world in high style with a huge entourage of staff, hobnobbing with all the world’s most important heads of state, enjoying the most sumptuous of luxury accommodations, and exercising her imperial power and status over others for personal gain.

She left the day to day details of her position mostly to underlings while she focused on the perks of her office. That’s why she wasn’t paying attention when our U.S. ambassador to Libya was begging her State Department for protection from a known danger during the weeks before he was murdered by Al-Qaida terrorists in Benghazi.

As per usual, she was oblivious. She tried to blame it on a movie. When confronted later with her abysmal dishonesty and incompetence in that affair, “What difference does it make,” she declared at a congressional hearing. She couldn’t care less.

Now Hillary Clinton is a private citizen once more but she’s clearly not lost her appetite for taking the maximum when it comes to luxury, and giving the minimum when it comes to her obligations. She still wants to give next to nothing but live like an imperial empress. 

These days she’s making a killing on the American speaking circuit. She demands a hefty $300,000 fee for her engagements. But that’s not all. No, in fact it’s only the beginning of her imperial demands. She insists on staying in the Presidential Suite at the hotel of her choice as if she’s already been elected president.

Five additional hotel rooms must be provided for her entourage of lackeys which she calls her “travel aides.” Of course, all meals and other amenities for Ms. Clinton and her entourage must be paid for by the client. Oh yes, and for her travel to the event, she demands a private jet -- but not just any old private jet – only a $39 million, 16-passenger Gulfstream G450 "or larger" will suffice.

Her contracts specify that 20 seats be set aside for Ms. Clinton’s sycophants. There shall be no press coverage, video or audio taping of her remarks. The client must pay $1,200 for a private stenographer, and the transcript shall be provided only to her imperial highness.  

She shall have final approval of all moderators and introducers. She’ll pose for no more than 50 photos with no more than 100 people; and her imperial presence at the event shall be limited to a total of just 90 minutes; during which time she insists that she be the only person on the stage.

Does all of this sound like the reasonable requests of a humble and diligent public servant who is concerned only with looking out for and securing the rights of the people?  

Or does it sound more like a person who thinks that the people ought to serve her interests; that she is their imperial master; and her privilege is solely for the taking while giving next to nothing …

That's Hillary Clinton -- The Imperial Empress of Naught. 

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