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Friday, January 30, 2015

Dr. Ablow confesses on national TV: His cell phone owns him

I contend we have already crossed the Rubicon, almost irrevocably incorporating technology into our psyches in a way that makes us part flesh and blood, part hardware,” Dr. Keith Ablow candidly confessed on Fox News this week.

” The fact that the hardware is outside our bodies (for now) does not mean the integration has not occurred. We are psychologically magnetized to our devices. That’s why some people will fight for them, and even die for them, he continued. “This is just the beginning. Cell phones will soon be able to determine whether you are looking at the content on their screens, rather than looking away. They will demand attention. The extent to which we own them versus them owning us will be increasingly in doubt.”

Poor pitiful Dr. Ablow; he’s a doctor of medicine; a scientist; a board certified psychiatrist; a distinguished member of the Fox News Channel medical A team, yet the man suffers from psychotic delusions that “we”--  all of us, including himself, -- are now under the control of the machines modern technology has created. He’s convinced that “our cell phones own us.”

Yes, he actually thinks his cell phone owns him. “What is “in” our cell phones that would lead people to attack others or risk death to keep them?”  “I would argue that the phones absorb and record our thoughts and intentions so dramatically that we become unconsciously convinced they are “parts of us... Why else would so many people hesitate even to leave a room without taking their cell phones with them? Why would they interrupt meetings and family time to check them? Why would young people be opting to spend their money on newer, faster ones, instead of on clothing? Why would there be so much interest in personalizing the sounds they make, the apps they hold and the cases that hold them?”

This hopelessly deluded TV psychiatrist arrived at his crazy idea immediately after witnessing a video depicting a high school student attacking his teacher in the classroom after the teacher confiscated his cell phone.  His reasoning goes like this: Teacher takes away kid’s cell phone. Kid attacks teacher. Ergo, “we” are owned by “our” cell phones.

I suppose from this line of TV psychobabble logic that if the kid was chewing gum in class and attacked his teacher for taking it away from him, Dr. Ablow would conclude that “we” are owned by “our” chewing gum.

To be fair to the good doctor, he does cite a couple other examples which, he claims, support his conclusion that: “we” are owned by “our” cell phones: “Last year, a Houston woman was shot by a mugger when she refused to hand over her cell phone. She survived, and she later asserted that she had done the right thing.” “In 2013, a 22-year-old man was killed by a train when he tried to retrieve the cell phone he had dropped on the tracks.”

Huh? If it were her purse instead of her cell phone would the doctor medically conclude that “we” are owned by “our” purses?  If it were his wallet instead of his cell phone would the doctor conclude that “we” are owned by “our” wallets?

Apparently, when Dr Ablow, the so-called scientist, encounters some individuals doing stupid things with their technological devices, he deludes himself into thinking that “we” all are prone to do the exactly the same thing with “our” technological devices, therefore technology is making “us” all neurotic slaves to our modern gadgets which have come to own “us,” including himself.

Yes, he probably thinks that robots will take over the world and make “us” all slaves to modern technology. This, I think, is concrete proof of the fact that normal people shouldn’t listen to the ravings of today’s TV psychiatrists, or for that matter, any other dubious TV talking head puppet.

Many sane medical experts have openly condemned Ablow for his ongoing cable news psychoanalysis of, for example, President Obama, his wife, and other figures. A staff psychiatrist at the Shepherd Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center in Atlanta, for instance, said that Ablow’s medical analysis "is really just irresponsible and it's embarrassing for physicians in general."

Ouch! I really think they ought to go a little easier on their poor pitiful colleague, Dr Ablow.

After all, he’s crazy, you know?

He just confessed on national TV that his cell phone owns him. 

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