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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Republican Neanderthals

Mitt Romney would have easily won the last presidential election and we’d have a Republican President of the United States today if only the GOP Neanderthals had put a lid on their extremist political antics and shut their bigoted mouths during the campaign.  

But the GOP Neanderthals will never do that. They’ll always be Neanderthals. They just can’t help it. They’d rather lose the election than give one inch on their medieval religious social agenda for America.  That’s why mainstream American voters don’t like them. The average American is afraid of what a Neanderthal would do if elected to high office. They saw what GWB did to the country and don’t want that to happen again.

Democrat Barack Obama has been a horrible President and Hillary Clinton would no doubt be far worse, however the Republicans will still have a difficult time beating her, or any other Democrat for that matter, in 2016 because of the GOP Neanderthal wing.

A federal judge last year ruled that the State of Oklahoma’s ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional. The U.S. Supreme Court is likely to declare all such state laws unconstitutional. The GOP has lost their continuing battle to discriminate against homosexuals. Yet the Republican Neanderthals in Oklahoma are not about to give it up. They’re going to pass a new law to punish any local or state employee who issues marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The bill is just one of several in the GOP dominated statehouse aimed at imposing restrictions on gay marriage. They plan on defying the federal judiciary. The court said their discrimination is unconstitutional. They aren’t listening. The average American citizen has come around to the position that gay marriage is no threat to society. The Neanderthals aren’t listening.

Their "Preservation of Sovereignty and Marriage Act" prohibits taxpayer funds, including government salaries, to be used for any activity that supports same-sex marriage. It also provides that those who issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples can be subject to removal from office.

When the average American voter thinks about the GOP, they might like a particular candidate and his or her ideas, but the scary specter of the Republican Neanderthal will always be lurking in the back of their minds.  That’s because of the antics of knuckle-dragging Republican politicians like the bigots in Oklahoma described above.

If any group can bring down the GOP in a presidential election, it’s the Republican Neanderthals.


  1. You obviously don't like Republicans. I don't like Republicans either. But mainstream American voters actually seem to like them a lot.

    Mainstream American voters have, as of this moment, elected Republican majorities in both houses of Congress and Republican majorities and governors in a majority of states. Even Mitt Romney, the weakest GOP presidential nominee since Wendell WIllkie, knocked down 47% of the popular vote for president.

    1. You're right. I don't like Republicans. I don't like politicians. But they're usually better than Democrats and almost always better than socialists. I actually think that Mitt would have made a decent president.