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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pathological Political Deception

Everyone knows that politicians are liars. After all, one can hardly go very far in politics by telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So lying and corruption is the nature of politics and the habit of most politicians. Abraham Lincoln was affectionately dubbed “Honest Abe” only because he was thought to be a rare exception to the rule. 
If you asked Hillary Clinton for the time of day she would probably look at her watch then look you straight in the eye and lie. She does it deliberately, reflexively, instinctively, naturally, habitually, calculatingly and pathologically.  She’s a case study in the art of pathological political deception. (See here; here and here)
Her latest example of corruption and lying illustrates the point perfectly. Before her first day on the job as Secretary of State she concocted a dodgy deliberate scheme to hide her official government correspondence from public scrutiny. She bypassed official government communications channels by installing in her home a private computer server to be used exclusively for both private and official business.  
And, sure enough, when the people discovered what she had done during her entire four years as Secretary of State, she lied about why she did it, selectively destroyed all of the correspondence she doesn’t want revealed to the public, and refused to turn the server over to a neutral investigator for forensic analysis.
"The server will remain private," she insisted to inquiring reporters this week. Thus, so far the public is deprived of crucial official correspondence – evidence which would disclose the whole truth about her conduct while in office.
She planned it that way from the beginning.
She doesn’t tell the truth; and she has a lot to hide.  
This is classic Hillary Clinton style pathological political deception.

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