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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Presidential Parenthood Politics

Many of the current GOP presidential candidates are falling all over themselves while pandering to their ultra-right-wing evangelical Christian bases who insist that no woman has a right to liberty as concerns of her own reproduction and parenthood choices. Their committed agenda is to ban all abortions no matter what the circumstances.

They think that agenda is the responsibility of the President of the United States. So the anti-abortion forces sent out a goon squad of imposters seeking to gather as much dirt as possible on women’s reproductive rights advocates, specifically the not-for-profit organization, Planned Parenthood, in an effort to persuade the general public to agree with their antiabortion agenda.

Officials and employees of Planned Parenthood were secretly videotaped by anti-abortion operatives pretending to represent scientific entities that perform research with human embryonic and fetal tissue specimens.

In the course of these secretly taped interviews the imposters captured some of the Planned Parenthood representatives talking rather casually about the use of certain surgical techniques available to better preserve intact the fetal specimens so as to make them more useful for scientific research purposes.

They also talked casually about the monetary value of such specimens. Taken out of context, these snippets of discussion about the use of human embryonic and fetal specimens was designed to seem like a gruesome conspiracy of vicious body snatching criminals to murder little babies and then sell their body parts on the open meat market for fun and profit.

Presidential candidates, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and several others have since been screaming in outrage, demanding that the federal government immediately defund Planned Parenthood. Candidate Carly Fiorina started babbling exaggerated antiabortion nonsense about how this is just more evidence that women’s reproductive rights advocates believe that any baby is fair game for murder right up until the time it leaves the hospital.  

Make no mistake about it; these candidates think that it’s their solemn job as President of the United States to end abortion as we know it in America, and they’re more than willing to employ any means possible to accomplish that agenda. Its pure presidential parenthood politics founded upon their evangelical religious beliefs, and one of the big reasons why the average American is afraid to vote for any GOP presidential candidate.

The reality of the matter is that in the United States of America women enjoy a constitutional right to seek and undergo an abortion. The abortion procedures that Planned Parenthood provide to women are legal. The disposition of embryonic and fetal tissue from such procedures to scientific entities on a not for profit basis is entirely legal. 

The tissue can be either discarded entirely in a waste bin or provided legally to accredited scientific entities for medical research purposes. There is no meat market for the sale of human body parts for fun and profit provided by Planned Parenthood.  

In short, while the secretly taped Planned Parenthood representatives in these instances may have been speaking distastefully or disrespectfully or both about such activities from the perspective of a lay person, they were committing no crime; they are guilty of no wrongdoing. Yes, such discussions sound gruesome to me too, but so would a discussion about proctology examinations and surgery.

All of the outrage manifested on the part of the GOP presidential candidates is manufactured for the sole purpose of advancing their antiabortion agenda and pandering to the religious right voters in their political base.

It’s pure presidential parenthood politics. 


  1. So, your position is that a fetus is solely the property of the mother and can be disposed of in any manner she deems adequate, as long as some accountant can show there was no "profit"?

    Why does terminating a pregnancy automatically require the destruction of the fetus?

  2. "Non-profit" and "not for profit" are terms of art. All they mean is that instead of profits being distributed to owners, they are "re-invested in the enterprise."

    It's highly unlikely that Planned Parenthood is delivering fetal tissue for less than the costs of procuring and delivering it. Their "reasonable handling fees" will be padded out to account for rejected shipments, unsatisfactory tissue rejections, etc. In other words, they will in fact make a "profit."

    Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course, but hiding it behind "not for profit" language in this context is just a way of trying to portray themselves as some kind of charity.

    What they actually are is a billion dollar per year business, with half of that billion per year coming in the form of corporate welfare from the state. While it's true that no "profits" get distributed to stockholders, the CEO of planned parenthood knocks down $500k per year, and a number of others in the organization's executive structure and in its clinics make six figures.