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Thursday, December 10, 2015

How to defeat ISIS: Girl Power?

Did you know that those nasty ISIS jihadist fighters who are causing so much terrorist trouble in the world today are deathly afraid of girls? That’s right. They think that if they die in battle at the hands of a girl, they’ll go directly to hell, and consequently won’t get the promised celestial reward of 72 virgins in paradise.

Now I don’t know for sure if this is true or not but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were considering what I know about religious superstitions. Supposing it is true, wouldn’t that open the door to a perfect solution to the problem of defeating ISIS?

Girl power!

Apparently, there are a number of Koranic verses promising 72 virgins in paradise to jihadists who die in battle. This fact has been used successfully by radical Islamic imams and terrorist groups as an ISIS recruiting tool. That belief is responsible for their willingness to so readily sacrifice themselves, to blow themselves up with suicide bombs, or participate in terrorist attacks in which they know for certain they’ll die.

They think they’ll be rewarded. If they didn’t think they’d be rewarded in paradise then perhaps they wouldn’t throw their miserable lives away. There would be no jihad; no ISIS; the Islamic terrorism threat would disappear.  Faced with the prospect of being killed by a girl, they’ll run for the hills.

So why not use this irrational religious nonsense as a powerful weapon against them? They’re afraid of girls. They think they’ll go to paradise if killed by a man, but to hell if killed by a girl.  All we have to do is convince them that they’re likely to die by the hands of a girl.  

We can capitalize on this. We can put out a message to the enemy jihadist’s that we’re arming the girls and the girls are coming for them. The U.S., for example, should use female pilots on bombing missions against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. When they hit the targets and kill ISIS leaders we should broadcast the fact that they were killed by girls. Even if the pilot who scored a hit wasn’t a woman we should assert that it was.

Let’s put willing women on the front lines in combat missions and let the enemy know that the girls are gunning for them. That’s what the Kurdish fighters are doing successfully right now. “We are being trained to use snipers, Kalashnikovs, rocket-propelled grenades and hand grenades,” explains one Kurdish female fighter. There are many female battalions in the fight and it scares the hell out of the ISIS fighters.  

So... how to defeat ISIS: Girl Power!


  1. Rush Limbaugh used to talk about first female Amazon Battalions or something like that. Maybe he was more on target than he knew.

  2. I've read about the Kurds and their very effective all female units amongst their peshmerga fighters. They played a major role in the defense of Kobane awhile back against ISIS ( The Kurds are one of the most enlightened and definitely most accepting Muslim people in the world, and fierce fighters. They've had to be since what should be the modern country of Kurdistan was divvied up amongst Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran by the Allies at the end of WWI and those 4 countries all hate the Kurds. They've had to fight against endless years of attempted genocide. Don't mess with their female soldiers! We should be supporting them 100% but of course we're not because of international politics. Politics putrefies everything.