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Saturday, October 29, 2016

The weasel finds his conscience

FBI director James Comey has suddenly found his conscience. The weasel has been mentally tortured these last few months by a guilty conscience. He knows that he succumbed to government corruption at the highest levels when he fixed Hillary Clinton’s FBI criminal investigation to let her off the hook.

He laid out a prima facie criminal case against her for mishandling classified information in violation of the law by conducting all of her government correspondence as Secretary of state using an unsecured computer server in her home. Then he told us that no reasonable prosecutor would indict her for her many crimes. That was a bald faced lie.

He knew from the beginning that no matter what evidence was found he was not going to recommend an indictment. That’s because he is part of the corrupt Obama administration and the fix was in. And that’s why he gagged his FBI underlings from telling us the real truth.   

But now we know that truth. The rank and file FBI investigators are furious with him for not recommending criminal charges against Clinton; and every honest reasonable federal prosecutor without exception would have indicted her in a heartbeat.   

Comey knows that he has singlehandedly destroyed the sterling reputation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He knows that the vast majority of Americans believe that he is a corrupt government hack. The pressure of truth upon his conscience has been enormous. He knows his conduct was a disgrace. He hates that. He doesn’t want to be remembered in history as a dishonest weasel. He hates the thought that he is a weasel.

So when his underlings recently presented him with some new evidence pointing directly to Hillary Clinton’s criminal guilt, he suddenly realized that perhaps he could redeem his guilty conscience by reopening the investigation against her.

Now I don’t know what this new evidence is, no one outside the FBI knows yet, but I strongly suspect that it proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Clinton had the requisite felonious criminal intent to violate the law.

The weasel has found his conscience.


  1. Timothy,

    You're far from the only person I've seen mentioning what you call the "sterling reputation" of the FBI lately.

    In what universe has the FBI enjoyed such a reputation with anyone, at any time in the last 40-odd years, since J. Edgar Hoover died?

    I grew up in an the post-Hoover era when the conventional wisdom (as opposed to just rumor as was the case before that) was that the FBI under Hoover had always been nakedly political, with the primary mission of supporting the figures Hoover favored and suppressing or discrediting the figures Hoover hated.

    I never noticed any rehabilitation of the agency's image in that regard. Heck, one of the biggest hit shows of the 1990s was based on the premise that the FBI (with the exception of a few heroic rogues) was suppressing evidence of an alien invasion with which the world's elites are in cahoots. And that premise was plausible enough to get the requisite suspension of disbelief for good storytelling.

    1. Tom, I agree with every word you said. I know Hoover was totally corrupt and that presidents have used the FBI to abuse citizens they didn't like. But in spite of all of that, the average American still thinks that the FBI has a sterling reputation. That is until now when the corruption of Comey is in their face. Go figure.

    2. Timothy,

      OK -- guess I'm just out of touch with the average American! Not surprising since I spend most of my time hanging with libertarians and radicals of other stripes :)

  2. I'm in no way a Hillary Clinton supporter (or Trump supporter), but I see nothing approaching Comey "gaining a conscience." This "reopening" is similar to an indictment which is only an accusation and is irrelevant to the jury's determination of guilt. Reopening an investigation is not even an accusation. They are called investigations because they are designed to discover information, that might or might not inculpate the subject of the investigation, after a fair investigation.