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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cop justice NYPD style

Those who wonder why some people hate and distrust the police should consider the plain fact that many cops simply don’t deserve our love, trust and respect. If we’re going to expect justice for the common people we must also expect justice for cops.

Consider this recent video showing Sgt. Eliezer Pabon of the New York Police Department shoving a handcuffed defenseless 14-year-old boy with his back to him against and through a plate glass window. It shattered very nearly killing the kid who underwent 4 hours of surgery to remove shards of glass from his lung and near his heart.

Apparently, the 89 pound teenager said something to the cop that he didn’t like. Sgt. Pabon was found guilty by the department for using excessive force after which the Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Trials assessed his punishment -- cop justice NYPD style for an aggravated assault upon a defenseless kid who was nearly killed.

Did he have to go to trial? 

Did he have to go to prison?

Well, of course not.

His superiors had requested that he be docked 30 days’ vacation. The Commissioner instead decided to dock him only five days. Compare that to the punishment handed down to another NYPD officer who was docked eight vacation days for saying out loud that he wouldn’t have voted for mayor Bill de Blasio.

So one cop is docked eight days’ vacation for saying he wouldn’t have voted for the mayor while the other is docked five days for shoving a teenager through a plate glass window and sending him to the hospital.

That’s cop justice NYPD style. 

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  1. Yep! And when people get fed up and start retaliating against cops, they scream that they haven't a clue why, and blubber that they're poor innocent persecuted victims.