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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Federal Bureau of Injustice

Did you know that the longest serving Director of the FBI, from 1924 to 1972, a grand total of 48 years, was a crook?

That’s right! U.S. Presidents were afraid to fire this despicable human being during all that time because he used his considerable bureaucratic power to amass secret files on them as well as on hundreds of other prominent individuals for purposes of coercion and blackmail. And now Americans have to show for it a massive tribute to him, in Washington D.C. -- the J. Edgar Hoover Building -- headquarters of the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Injustice.

Fast forward to modern day FBI history and we see that things haven’t changed much. If justice really were the purpose of the Department of Justice and its investigative arm the FBI, we should see Hillary Clinton in handcuffs, dressed in a designer orange jump suit doing a perp walk before her sentencing hearing at the federal courthouse on her way to a suitable federal penitentiary for her multiple serious crimes committed as a public official.

But no – we’re talking about the Federal Bureau of Injustice here and that means that Hillary Clinton has not received justice – at least not yet. James Comey, the recently fired FBI Director knew full well from the facts his agents found that Clinton was guilty as sin of mishandling classified materials on her private computer server while she was Secretary of State, but he deliberately edited those facts to reach a dubious conclusion to let her off the hook.

Comey, for example, knew that it was likely hostile foreign actors had gained access to her private email account containing the classified documents, but changed the facts later to indicate the scenario was merely “possible.” He knew that the facts showed Clinton was “grossly negligent” but changed his conclusion later to “extremely careless” in order to avoid a legal statutory definition of criminality from her conduct.

In short, he deliberately watered down facts showing rightful conclusions pointing to Clinton’s culpability in mishandling classified information.” We now know that FBI Director Comey was determined to exonerate Hillary Clinton long before his “investigation” of her crimes was completed. We also know that high ranking agents of the FBI are diligently working at this very moment to unlawfully undermine, sabotage and ultimately bring down the legitimate presidency Donald J. Trump.

What else can Americans expect from the Federal Bureau of Injustice?

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