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Monday, April 3, 2017

Michael Moore claims Trump is killing us all

Michael Moore, that ugly scruffy face of our American ultra-left wing loony toons fringe brigade, hates our new President so much, and is so completely deluded,  that he’s willing to claim in all seriousness that Donald Trump, in only 70 days as President, has already caused the total “extinction of Human life on earth.” 

It’s only a matter of time. 

I’m not making this up.  

Michael Moore claims that Trump is killing us all.

 “Historians in the near future (because that may be the only future we have) will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began,” Moore predicts.  

Oh my goodness, what the Hell did Trump do last Tuesday to cause the extinction of mankind on Earth? Is he starting World War III? Is he about to shoot off America’s total nuclear arsenal at thousands of targets all around the globe? Is he going to sterilize all our women?


In Michael Moor’s crazy mind it’s much worse than any of those things.“President Trump has signed executive orders ending all efforts to stop and reverse climate change.”  Moor explains. 

That’s it, folks!

Trump’s executive orders are causing the extinction of mankind. “He is rescinding President Obama's six climate change orders. He is instructing the Environmental Protection Agency to cease its climate change efforts and do no environmental regulations that get in the way of profits or ‘jobs.’ The EPA is to only concern itself with ‘clean air and clean water’ - while Trump orders a massive increase in the use of coal.”

“This is a defining moment in the history of mankind,” Moore warns.

How about that? Trump has already created a defining moment in the entire 2.5 million years or so history of human beings on Earth just by signing his name to a few executive orders. 

“By signing these executive orders today, Trump is declaring an act of war on the planet and its inhabitants.”  It’s an unholy act of war on Planet Earth.

Thankfully there is a silver lining, Moore claims: “The one silver lining here is that Trump can't kill the planet; the planet wants to live and has a long history of wiping out any real or perceived threats. With the actions Trump is taking today, the planet is paying attention -- and the planet will make sure it dispenses with a species hell-bent on destroying Earth.

Oh, I see. Earth is going to get mad at the Donald for signing those nasty executive orders. Earth is paying attention to the Donald. And Earth is going to punish the Donald by dispensing with all humans because our entire species is guilty of trying to destroy mother Earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, you see here the pathetic ravings of a mad man. Michael Moore should voluntarily commit himself to an institution for the certifiably mentally insane. Climate change hysteria and his silly obsession with Donald Trump have caused him to go crazy. He could benefit from a strait jacket and a padded cell.

Even if the most dire of all predicted consequences of global warming posited by the hysterical climate alarmists come true, (they won’t) it will surely not cause the extinction of mankind. Mankind has already endured the worst of possible climate changes from hellishly hot to excruciatingly cold during our relatively short history on Earth yet continues to thrive exceedingly well.  

It’s going to be OK.

Trump is not killing us all. 

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  1. I'd say Trump is killing us all in pretty much the same way, and to pretty much the same extent, as any other president.

    Moore seems a little overheated on the matter. Then again, he was one of the few public intellectuals who predicted months in advance that Trump would win the presidential election, and who explained why/how that would happen. So he's obviously got at least a few neurons firing correctly.