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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Blasphemy: 21st century witch hunting Islamic style

What do you think about mobs of human beings inhabiting this Earth in the 21st century who seriously believe that they enjoy a license to murder anyone else who criticizes their religion?

Uncivilized mentally deranged barbarians – that’s what I think. Obviously, these folks aren’t very secure in their religious beliefs if they feel the need to murder others who don’t believe exactly as they do. They’re out to kill people who don’t believe in their imaginary god.

It’s a great method of getting rid of people they don’t like. Christians did it by hunting witches in 17th century Salem Massachusetts. Muslims are doing it today to Christians and other minorities in Pakistan.

A frenzied mob of an estimated 3,000 Islamic extremists in Pakistan called for the beheading of a 17-year-old Christian whose cell phone contained “blasphemous” content. Paki law permits these uncivilized mentally deranged barbarians to sentence this innocent kid to life in prison or death.

Its typical form among incidents each year involving a member of a religious minority group accused of engaging in the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for Islam in this Muslim-majority country.

The accused blasphemer, Patras Masih, according to the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), claims he lost his phone after which an unknown person added blasphemous content to his Facebook page. Hundreds of local Muslims accused him of blasphemy and the mob grew to 3,000 Islamic extremists calling for authorities to punish the teenager.

Local police lost control of the situation. Slogans and chants shouted by the mob called for a beheading even before any charges had been laid. One man held up a sign saying, “Wicked Christian Patras should be punished for committing blasphemy!” The mob was gathering gasoline to set Christian homes ablaze prompting members of the religious minority group to flee the region.

“Forced to leave their properties behind, the frightened families sought temporary shelter elsewhere and reports of looting of vacated properties have been received,” BPCA notes, adding, “Roadblocks were secured by police as part of a wider cordon to prevent people entering into Shahdara town as police set about trying to calm the situation.”

Muhammad Awais, a local Muslim cleric, demanded that all willing law enforcement agents in the region file blasphemy charges against the young teenager, accusing him of “sharing blasphemous content on social media… to have hurt the religious sentiments of the people in Lahore’s Shahdara.”

After filing charges, the kid surrendered himself to local authorities to restore peace and prevent the extremists from attacking other Christians and setting their homes on fire. News of the blasphemous images posted on his FB page stirred up great anger amongst local Muslims and hundreds gathered outside his home calling for him to be lynched, and threats were being made that Christian homes would be burnt down if he was not given up to the authorities or the mob for retribution against his blasphemy.

The anti-blasphemy section of Pakistan’s penal code recommends either life in prison or death for anyone convicted of insulting to God, Islam, or religious leaders. According to the Voice of America (VOA) news outlet, court cases involving the controversial law seldom result in a fair trial, often leading to a harsh verdict of life in prison or death.

In short, today’s Blasphemy laws in Pakistan result in 21st century witch hunting Islamic style.

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  1. What a horrible story! Without doubt, such madness casts an unfavorable light on whatever religion the intolerant people adhere to. At the other end of the spectrum, I've worked with Muslim people from Pakistan, and they were the most loving, generous, sane people I've ever met. Because then never make trouble, they get no press. So it's a bit unfair, I think, to say "Muslims are doing it". "Intolerant assholes who call themselves Muslims" might come a little closer.

    Slight typo noticed: "Its typical form" should be "It's typical form".