Conventional collectivist created authority is a deception in consciousness. You are your own Authority!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not just an American dream, but the purpose of all individual human existence.

No "group thing" - which is merely an idea - is more important than an individual - which is a real thing.  Ideas are mental tools used to benefit individuals.  Individuals are not tools used for sacrifice to ideas – including, for example, your "country."   Thus, it is perfectly right and proper to ask what your country can do for you, and quite delusional to ask what you can do for your country. Jack Kennedy got it backwards, and, unfortunately, not by mistake.

Worshipers of god’s and government don’t believe in real freedom.  Their concept of ‘freedom’ is merely license, i.e., only that which the authorities permit.  This is the ‘freedom’ of slaves.

Freedom encompasses the right to chose one's own culture.  Culture is simply the aggregations of ideas individuals choose to adopt for themselves in their pursuit of happiness.  No idea, however worthy, should be forced upon a peaceful honest person by the taking of his property to promote that idea.  Yet political and religious zealots aren't content with controlling their own lives.  They what their own lives controlled and they demand control over yours.  Thus, the ever growing minions of Government and Clerical thugs, not content with their already vast powers over individuals, want to regulate your culture too.  These people are criminals just as much as rapists or murderers.

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