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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Julian Heicklen: My Hero

An American jury has enormous power. It determines the facts; the weight and credibility of evidence; the believability of witnesses; and especially the application of law to the case.

Jury verdicts determine innocence or guilt, liability or no cause for action. They are not infallible. Mistakes are often made. Verdicts have been corrupt. In most cases, though, a jury will try diligently to do what is right. If it thinks something about the case stinks, it has the power to disregard evidence and/or refuse to apply the law.

That’s called “jury nullification,” and, like it or not, it’s been part and parcel of our justice system for centuries. Judges, prosecutors, and all government Authority! hate it. They think they have all the power. They want juries to follow their instructions, and their instructions never say anything about nullification.

Most jurors are ordinary citizens, serve only once, and thus do not realize the true extent of their powers. They just dutifully obey the instructions of the court, then rubber stamp a verdict, even if they disagree with the law, or the application of it to an accused under the peculiar circumstances of a case.  

Enter the frail elderly white haired Professor, Julian Heicklen, authentic American hero, to peacefully and politely inform them of their lawful powers. Dr. Heicklen spends valuable free time exercising his First Amendment constitutional right to distribute Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) literature outside in front of federal courthouses.

For this valuable service he has been deliberately ignored by the mainstream media; wrongfully arrested, handcuffed, and imprisoned numerous times on the orders of federal judges or police; dragged to mental hospitals; medicated with tranquilizers against his will; beaten, tortured, sodomized, and otherwise cruelly abused by medical personnel in collusion with the police; only to have all charges against him dropped every time – because he has done nothing wrong.

Dr. Heicklen is a true champion of liberty; battered, beaten, but triumphant in the cause of freedom from unfettered government Authority! 

Dr. Julian Heicklen, Sir: You Are My Hero!

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