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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The President Will Make it All Better

President Obama will be in Tucson Arizona today to address the nation at a memorial service for the victims of the recent shooting spree there. The President of the United States and his entourage will be the focus of this event.

He needs to chime in his thoughts and opinions along with the rest of the politicians. "It's going to be important,” the President told reporters, “to feel as if we are speaking directly to our sense of loss, but also speaking to our hopes for the future and how out of this tragedy we can come together as a stronger nation.”

Some political pundits remarked that “it will be a defining moment for his presidency.”


Since when is it the president’s job to do this? Why this is even considered a political event? How could his remarks possibly become a defining moment for his presidency? Why is his appearance in person important? Why is it necessary for the President of the United States to address the entire nation over this? Why do his feelings about “our sense of loss” matter? What do “our hopes for the future” have to do with anything? Can he possibly explain “how out of this tragedy we can come together as a stronger nation”?

Gee, can our president really turn a horrible bloodbath into a positive for us? We can be a stronger nation because of this? President Obama seems to think so.

Amazing! With a few more tragedies like this, along with our fervent hopes for the future, America can become even stronger. That is the logic of Authority!

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