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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TSA Busts 95 Year-old Diapered Terrorist Suspect at Airport

Special Ops black beret SWAT teams set loose from amidst the bowels of the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Geriatric Suspects Unit (GSU), at a Florida Airport, swooped down recently upon a hapless wheel chair bound and cancer-stricken 95-year-old female suspected terrorist for special invasive, aggressive, pat-down and strip-search treatment while looking for a suspected bomb in her dirty diapers.

The feeble and sickly old woman, ravaged by a debilitating form of leukemia, underwent a blood transfusion the week before the ordeal to bolster up her strength for travel. This behavior, coupled with highly suspicious circumstances at the security gate, apparently triggered TSA alarms when they discovered also that she was traveling with her shifty-eyed daughter from Florida to Michigan in order to “allegedly” move in with relatives before eventually going to an assisted living facility. More likely, in their minds, she was trying to smuggle a bomb on the aircraft.

The aged suspect was dragged crying and sniveling into a private glassed-in area by a TSA officer, where a pat-down and diaper removal search was performed. One of the TSA goons “felt something suspicious” on the old woman’s leg and couldn't determine what it was, prompting the dirty diaper removal strip search procedure. The terrified suspect was later forced to go through the airport and on to her flight without underwear after no security threat was found.

Her daughter likewise burst into tears during the mindless assault, which prompted the remaining thugs at the security gate to pat her down as well, along with other intimidating measures, all in strict accordance with TSA protocol.

The TSA released a statement Sunday defending its agents' actions. "While every person and item must be screened before entering the secure boarding area, TSA works with passengers to resolve security alarms in a respectful and sensitive manner," the federal agency said. "We have reviewed the circumstances involving this screening and determined that our officers acted professionally and according to proper procedure."

The TSA announced last year that it was gearing up the use of full-body scanning and pat-downs to stop nonmetallic threats, including explosives, from getting on planes. The goal is to head off underwear ass cheeks bomb attacks like the one attempted by the infamous failed 2009 Christmas bomber.

And the TSA is not backing down from its aggressive policy. "Every traveler is a critical partner [i.e. potential terrorist suspect] in TSA's efforts to keep our skies safe," Administrator John Pistole, who ordered the new approach, said. "And I know and appreciate that the vast majority of Americans recognize and respect the important work we do," he deadpanned.

For some unfathomable reason, debilitated adults in diapers seem to set off all kinds of bells, whistles, alerts, alarms, and grave suspicions at this government agency. See my recent post: “Bad Judgment at the TSA.”

Toddlers and small children also perk up the paranoia antenna on these agents, who like to see plastic bombs and other imaginary lethal weapons residing in every prepubescent butt cheeks cavity. More outrage recently erupted over a video-recorded pat-down of a 6-year-old passenger at New Orleans' airport last April, showing the little girl resisting and crying over the intrusive search.

Pistole tried to explain this outrage to a Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee meeting, insisting that the pat-down was ordered and necessary because the child had moved while passing through a body imaging machine.

You see, one false move at the TSA screening station gets you the crotch groping experience of your life whether you are 6 years old or sixty. And, don’t forget 95 year-old incontinent ladies, and 29 year old mentally disabled suspects wearing diapers. They’re singled out for special strip searches and hands on treatment every time.

OK, maybe I exaggerated a little here. There are no Special Ops black beret SWAT teams operating within the TSA so far as I know, and no Geriatric Suspects Unit yet; the old lady wasn’t dragged crying and sniveling to her fate, she went along compliantly; and the daughter wasn’t exactly shifty-eyed, but everything else I’ve written is true, I swear, according to CNN.

I love to call these TSA agents reprehensible names like thugs and goons in order to vent my considerable rage about the creeping police state our nation has become, but that probably isn’t fair either. They, for the most part, are normal people like you and me, just following orders and doing their jobs.

The person originally responsible for this constitutional Fourth Amendment shredding is none other than George W. Bush, the President of the United States after 9/11, our nation’s chief executive officer, who could have, with the stroke of his pen put a stop to this unbelievable nonsense. Now the responsibility lies with Barrack Obama, who could very easily do the same.

And then there is Congress and the grasping politicians, who have the power, but not the will to end this unrelenting nightmare. They are the real thugs and goons in the equation. They are doing this to us deliberately, and too few of us automaton allegiance pledger’s seem to care.

Sadly, 235 years of ostensible liberty has come down to this.

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  1. "They, for the most part, are normal people like you and me, just following orders and doing their jobs."

    As were all of the other people you've cited (presidents, congress, etc.). The people in charge are only in charge as long as "normal people" continue to NOT resist. Complacence is the same as support.