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Monday, September 12, 2011

Inside the Politician’s Mind

Most politicians have grossly inflated opinions of themselves and the importance of their offices, coupled with a condescending contempt for the little people below them – their subjects -- who have the nerve to disclose or challenge their flagrant self-centered and politically motivated machinations.

"And all I will tell you is: God bless that little girl at The Post and Courier. I mean her job is to try and create conflict. My job is to create jobs. In the end I'm going to have jobs to show for it," South Carolina’s first female Republican governor, Nikki Haley, gushed on a syndicated radio talk show interview, when asked what she thought of an article by a 25-year-old female reporter disclosing the facts about her lavish junket to Paris France.

This award-winning reporter had the unmitigated temerity to reveal in print the details of the governor and her entourage of two dozen or so toady political sycophant’s one week first class European ‘economic development’ excursion, including posh accommodations at 5 star hotels, drinks at the Ritz, and an upgraded "chalet" at the Paris Air Show, which cost at least $127,000 of South Carolina’s taxpayer dollars.

For those honest and pertinent revelations, a dedicated young professional reporter is labeled "little girl" by a self aggrandizing, condescending, opportunistic politician caught red handed pilfering shamelessly from her state’s taxpayer cookie jar. 

Haley tried to justify her pleasure junket by saying that she needed to court aerospace companies at the Paris event and manufacturers in Munich, Germany. To that I say: she could have made some strategic telephone calls, sent a few formal letters or perhaps issued a batch of free emails and thereby saved her state the staggering cost of a one week’s vacation with political hobnobbing cronies in tow.

"The story painted a grossly inaccurate picture and was unprofessionally done, but my `little girl' comment was inappropriate and I regret that," Haley explained without apologizing after she was called on it later. "Everyone can have a bad day. I'll forgive her bad story, if she'll forgive my poor choice of words."

How’s that for a backhanded double down slap in the face? The great avaricious governor of South Carolina will ‘forgive’ the ‘little girl’ reporter for a ‘bad’ but true story, if she’ll forgive the now magnanimous governor for not scolding her properly. That’s another revealing peek into the mind of a grasping politician if there ever was one.

In the minds of politicians, it is the job of lowly truth telling newspaper reporters to “create conflict,” while it is the noble high-minded politician’s job to “create jobs.”

In the minds of politician’s, their idea of “creating jobs” is to spend $127,000 plus of their state’s taxpayer money on lavish excursions to Europe along with their political friends, courting and conniving with businessmen, offering political deals and promises to try and lure them into their districts so that they can take the credit for what the risk taking businessman does.

In the minds of politicians, their real job is to live off the fat of the land.  

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