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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More War: Iraq & Afghanistan Not Enough

Republican senator Lindsey Graham, a longtime military hawk from South Carolina, together with several more rabid and trigger happy U.S. politicians in Congress, all furiously gnashing their teeth while foaming profusely at the mouth, are now seriously calling for a military attack on Pakistan.

The US has accused the Pakistani government, supposedly our faithful ally in the War on Terror, of funding the Haqqani network, an independent insurgent group originating in Afghanistan that is closely allied with the Taliban, as well as ordering them to attack the US embassy in Kabul.

This is the same Haqqani network which the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) helped in the past to form, and train its associates, for our own nefarious purposes. This is the same nation that the U.S. has been feeding billions of taxpayer dollars in foreign aid every year.

Pakistan has denied the allegations.

“All options are on the table” against Pakistan, Graham and his itchy fingered cohorts are insisting. Apparently they just aren’t satisfied with the colossal waste of lives and cash already spent to support the decade long conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention Libya; they want more war. It never ends.

Their reckless threats have prompted the Pakistani government, and Prime Minister Gilani, to recall his Foreign Minister from a visit to the United States and ordering an emergency conference within his government to discuss the prospect of a US invasion.

Is it any wonder anymore why the United States is so universally hated and despised around the world, especially in the Middle East?

We should be looking for a sturdy cage with which to confine Graham and the rest of these raging war mongering maniacs. We should be taking our money off the table, waving goodbye to Pakistan and the rest of the Middle East. We should have done that long ago.

We simply can’t afford more war.

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  1. Obama has been at war in Pakistan for over two years, and you call out some piss-ant senator?