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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Redneck: Not!

Today I shared correspondence with Mr. P. Peterson of WKRG radio in Bay Minette, Alabama, who rightly chastised me for calling his community a “redneck hamlet” in my last post. Upon some sober reflection, I agree with him that my characterization of Bay Minette as “redneck” is inaccurate and went too far.

In my haste to condemn a few city authorities and church pastors for religious bigotry, I unfairly stereotyped the whole community of good people in Bay Minette as bigoted, thereby showing my own bias and prejudice. I regret that.  

Mr. Peterson tells me that the Jesus or jail program has been put on hold, which is a bit of good news I’m quite happy to report. I’m glad that cooler heads have prevailed in the fine city of Bay Minette, Alabama.

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