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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Thief of Caracas

Socialist is just another word for thief.

Socialism is the politics of taking property by force for disposition by the collective. It’s a majority of have-not’s appropriating their miserable livings from a minority of haves.

From each according to their ability; to each according to their need is the standard socialist creed. The quality of life for the average person under socialism is therefore always measured by the lowest common denominator.

No nation dominated by the politics of socialism has long endured. After an initial frenzy of pillage and theft the inhabitants slide into an inevitable condition of apathy, poverty, and despair.

There is no incentive to produce, no private property, no competition, no reason to get ahead of the next fellow. All fruits of effort beyond the minimal are quickly confiscated for consumption by others.

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is once again proving the point. He’s announced recently that his government will seize private homes and property on the picturesque Los Roques archipelago tourist islands in the Caribbean for use by state-run tourism.

"I've always said we should nationalize Los Roques," declared the unabashed thief of Caracas. The beautiful white sand pristine island and private beach properties represent a favorite high end tourist destination for many well off South Americans.

Not anymore. The government will build hostels on Los Roques "for the people," the thief proclaimed. Yachts confiscated from fugitive bankers will be used to transport tourists, he added.

"There are some houses that were illegally built. We're going to take them over … There are some supposed owners. They privatized it, so to speak, the high bourgeoisie, including the international set," explained the dictator.

This is from the same loser who has to go to an economic disaster like Cuba to treat his cancer because decent doctors and medical facilities can’t exist in his own economically looted socialist paradise.

Chavez is seeking re-election next year and maintains his popularity with the have-not’s by stealing and redistributing the property of the haves of Venezuela. He’s already nationalized much of the nation’s economy for the benefit of his supporters in the poorer areas which are the core of his power base.

It’s a safe bet that ten years from now the beautiful islands of Los Roques will look like squalid dumps after “the people” finish using them up. There will certainly be no incentive to maintain them.

And when the oil dries up in the rest of Venezuela; when all else has been nationalized under the thieving politics of socialism, the country of Hugo Chavez will become the North Korea of South America.

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