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Thursday, May 3, 2012

First Parasite

A parasite, in biological terminology, is an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as the host, from the body of which it obtains its nutriment.  
In societal terms, a parasite is described as a person who receives support, advantage, or the like, from others without giving any useful or proper recompense in return.
Human parasites live essentially upon the generous hospitality of others. A person in ancient Greece, for example, who received free meals in return for amusing or flattering remarks directed toward its host, was considered a parasite.
I have described human parasites many times on these pages. They are a distinct class of people who have existed mainly upon the largess of others since the dawn of civilization all without providing any useful service in return.  
The recent scandal involving 300 people attending a four day General Services Administration (GSA) conference in Las Vegas Nevada while consuming $840,000 of the taxpayers’ dollars in the process is just one instance among thousands of government parasites who suck their sustenance from the American taxpayers without providing anything useful to them in return.
The face of GSA administrator, Jeffrey E. Neely, looking coolly at us from his perch in an expensive hot tub suite with glasses of fine wine in front of him is the ugly face of an American government parasite in action.
That video clip featuring GSA employees singing, dancing, laughing at and mocking American taxpayers for being stupid enough to support them in such fashion is a surreal vision of government parasites, just like a huge nest of termites, thriving within the woodwork of our nation right under our noses.
This class of people – politicians, government agents, bureaucrats and their employees – enjoy royal style immunity from the ordinary economic hardships of their subjects during both good times and bad in America. Every year since the founding of our nation these parasites take more and more while providing less and less.
This class of people is slowly killing their hosts in America. They have no shame.  
They include Department of Justice parasites attending unnecessary conferences while enjoying $76-per-plate lunches, $16 muffins, and $32 per-person snack times in-between. The DOJ, we learned recently, sucked up more than $121 million taxpayer dollars for such parties in just two years alone.
Multiply these instances of parasite frenzy by 524 separate federal executive branch departments, agencies, and offices, not including the many hundreds of sub agencies and favored political beneficiaries, and you can finally begin to imagine the extent of the vast colony of parasites feeding voraciously at the taxpayer trough, sucking the juice of America drop by drop.
Think of President Obama all dressed up in his tuxedo at the White House during the recent Correspondent’s Dinner, with Jimmy Kimmel at the podium telling jokes, and the rest of the swells in the exclusive invited audience enjoying their fine dinner at the expense of the taxpayers, and once again we witness the gang of American parasites at play.
They actually mock the scandals as they pile up one after another and there is seemingly nothing the rest of us saps can do about it.
But perhaps the most outrageous of the parasite partying we’ve seen recently is First Lady, Michelle Obama’s five day private vacation to Spain with her daughter, in an elegant Mediterranean setting which cost the American taxpayers a total of $467,585. Secret Service costs alone totaled nearly $255,000, and the flight cost another $199,000.
With all due respect to the first lady and her daughter, these are people who were not elected to any office of the United States government. There is no provision in the United States Constitution for the title of “First Lady.”
It is an imaginary vestment, an aristocratic style entitlement for which the American taxpayers get nothing whatsoever in return – nothing! It is all an elaborate fairy tale dreamed up long ago by the political class of parasites inhabiting the house of government.   
President Obama and his wife are millionaires. Surely they can afford to pay for their own private vacations without sucking greedily from the public jug. The princely sum of $467,585 is far more than the life savings of 90 percent of the American population. To have it eaten up within the space of only five days just to satisfy the whim of a parasite is a disgrace.
Michelle Obama and her husband should be ashamed.
The American people should be ashamed. We are allowing a political class of federal parasites to consume more than twenty percent of the entire gross domestic product each and every year, not to mention all the thousands of state and local parasites chewing away at the fabric of America.
 Is it any wonder then that we are now over $16 trillion dollars in debt with no end in sight?
Her husband, the President of the United States feigned outrage over the GSA scandal and supposedly fired those responsible for it. Then he sent is wife Michelle on a five day private luxury vacation to the Costa del Sol of Spain at taxpayer expense costing nearly half a million dollars.
Such appalling hypocrisy is clearly over the top.
The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, has earned a new title in my book:
She’s the First Parasite.

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  1. We don't have Presidents - we have appointed Pharaohs and their minions. I say "appointed" and not elected because the outcome is always pre-determined lately.

    Even if you win, they say you lose.

    And BTW, where in the labyrinth of laws does it give "carte blanche" for the doling out of vacations on the public's dime?

    This wasn't an affair of state, so how can the public be charged for it?