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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dr. Keith Ablow: Fox News Resident Statist Psychiatrist

“Why aren’t ‘Booty Pop’ boy’s parents in jail?” queries Fox News medical A-team psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow in his weekly Fox News opinion piece.   
“Carla and K Roundtree, parents of a 6-year-old rapper and Tyler Council, producer of the boy's ‘Booty Pop’ music video should be legally charged with child sexual abuse, convicted and made to register as sexual offenders.  The parental rights of his parents should be suspended, pending an investigation by child protective services,” he opines.
He accuses them of “conspiring” to put the boy in a music video in which he raps suggestively while shooting a “very phallic” water pistol into the air – mimicking orgasm with scantily clad adult women dancing “erotically” inches from him. The poor kid is “clearly exposed to erotic behavior from adults”“and is portrayed as a sexual conqueror himself.”
Whew! – It sounds downright pornographic, doesn’t it?
Is that why the good Dr. featured a big photograph of the scene at the top of his op-ed along with a computer link to the full video so that his readers could view it in its tawdry entirety?
“…if the women in the video were to have approached this young boy on the beach and danced within inches of him, suggesting they would be happy to have sex with him, police would be called. So, they should be called now. That seems pretty clear and sensible, doesn’t it?” Ablow concludes.
Not at all, I say.
Obviously the video isn’t even close to being child porn or Dr. Ablow would not have shown a photo of it and linked the entire video to his article. The boy and the ladies are at a swimming pool and all are appropriately dressed in swimwear.
Admittedly, the whole thing is in rather poor taste. All rap music is in poor taste in my opinion, especially when performed by kids, and it is somewhat sexually suggestive in a jocular silly sort of way. It looks like everyone is having fun though. There is no abuse; no touching; no foul language; nothing explicit whatsoever. The kid comes off as a junior stud muffin or something -- stupid, yes; pornographic, no.
There is no evidence that this 6-year-old has been harmed in any way.
But the sanctimonious statist psychiatrist wants all the adults to go to jail and the kid yanked from his parents to be put in a foster care home.  Whatever possible harm this episode caused the boy – and I submit there is none -- would pale in significance compared to being taken away from his parents. Any qualified psychiatrist ought to know that.  
You see, the statist psychiatrist, Dr. Ablow has no problem with denying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to normal people who are not guilty of any crimes. In previous posts I have demonstrated: He doesn’t understand liberty. The concept of liberty eludes him. He doesn’t even understand psychiatry.
“… Americans have declared open-season on children as sexual objects,” Ablow rants. “In August, 2011, Vogue magazine published extremely sexual pictures of child model Thylane Blondeau, with full makeup, heels and a come-hither stare.  Abercrombie and Fitch marketed padded bikini tops to 8-year-old girls to make their breasts appear larger.  And, this May, Time magazine published a cover photo of a four-year-old boy being breast fed by his beautiful, model mom, while he stands on a stepstool and stares directly at the camera.” 
The Dr. is merely citing more examples of poor taste. Poor taste is not a crime even though Dr. Ablow would have it so. He wants all those involved in the above examples to go to jail.
Little girls dressing and playing grown-up is hardly a sexual phenomenon. I suppose the Dr. would equally object to the beauty pageants in which thousands of little girls across the country participate every year. Of course he would. He sees sex while the rest of us simply see cute little girls acting like grown-ups.
Like it or not, there are some four-year-olds out there still nursing mother’s milk. That may be offensive to Dr. Ablow and others who think all 4-year-olds should be weaned, but there is nothing at all sexual about it (except perhaps in his filthy statist mind), and it is certainly not a crime.  
“This epidemic of sexualizing children will reinforce the pathological view common among pedophiles that children are sexual beings, wrongly portrayed as innocents, who can engage in sexual activities with adults and not be harmed,” says Ablow. “This epidemic suggests to children that they mimic adult feelings and behaviors, rather than remaining true to their authentic feelings and behaviors, short-circuiting normal psychological development.” 
More statist psychobabble nonsense!
There is no epidemic of sexualizing children (whatever that means). And pedophiles aren’t looking for kids who are acting like grown-ups. They fancy children precisely because kids do not present a threat to them as adults do. They’re looking for children who act like children.
Would Dr. Ablow put the parents of children who live on a farm in jail because the kids are exposed to cattle and horses and sheep and pigs explicitly mating in front of them thereby damaging their tender sensibilities?
I think he would do just that; because he has a pathological hang-up about sex.
If it weren’t for the First Amendment, a good case could be made for putting parents in jail for teaching their vulnerable kids about Santa Claus, Jesus Christ, and God. Surely, those things cause as much psychological damage to kids as exposing them now and then to adult themes.
But again, I’m sure Dr. Ablow doesn’t think so. He’s a psychiatrist, a pseudo scientist who actually believes that there is an invisible man who lives in the sky and created the entire universe. That is the kind of thing he wants little kids exposed to.
“All this may be happening because our increasingly technological, anonymous world is flailing wildly as it looks for something to anchor it to reality,” says the Dr.
“The body—especially sex—is the knee-jerk antidote to being disembodied by Facebook and instant messaging and GPS systems.  And, now, that antidote is being spilled everywhere:  Women by the millions are buying books about being tied up and sexually conquered.  People who would have never considered getting a tattoo are getting three.  Body piercings are more commonplace than ever.  And children are being doused with sexuality, too.”
Facebook, instant messaging and GPS systems are destroying society according to this psychiatrist. Women are buying bondage novels. People are getting tattoos. Body piercings are commonplace.
Oh, my!
I think the statist psychiatrist could use a good psychiatrist.

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