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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Obsequium

The summer Olympic Games have returned this year along with its legions of pretentious fawning obsequious hangers-on who contribute absolutely nothing to the event while shamelessly advertising their own personal political status and self importance.
Leading the pack of parasites this time was First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, who formally opened her stint as leader of the U.S. Olympics delegation on Friday at a breakfast for the athletes saying she was "just in awe" of their company.
"Try to have fun. Try to breathe a little bit, but also win, right?" she remarked banally while mingling with the U.S. athletes, posing for photos, shaking hands and sharing hugs. "Every few years, these games bring pride, excitement and wonder to millions of people around the world. And that must mean so much to all of you."
The rest of her pep talk was mostly about her. She told the U.S. athletes that some of her fondest memories in sports stemmed from watching the Olympics on television; and how her father, who was athletic, contracted multiple sclerosis "in the prime of his life." "He retained his love of sports, truly," she recalled. "And the Olympics was a special time for him to watch amazing athletes of all abilities compete on the world stage."
Afterward the first gadfly was off to the lavish grounds of Winfield House, the official residence of the U.S. ambassador in London to promote her healthy living "Let's Move!" campaign aimed at tackling childhood obesity with hundreds of children gathered on the lawn.
She appeared with several past U.S. Olympic and Paralympics standouts, including Brandi Chastain, Gabriel Diaz de Leon, Grant Hill, Summer Sanders and Dominique Dawes. "Being here is otherworldly for me," the first lady oozed; "I am still so inspired."
"I think this is amazing and what the first lady has done to get kids to move is truly wonderful," said former outstanding U.S. Olympian track star, Carl Lewis. "Both she and the president love the Olympics and the Olympic movement."
Then she attended a reception hosted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace and finally took her premium VIP seat for opening ceremonies at Olympic Stadium. On Saturday, Mrs. Obama will meet with Samantha Cameron, the wife of British Prime Minister David Cameron, before watching U.S. athletes on the first full day of Olympic competition. She’ll see more events on Sunday before departing.
The Olympic Games are no longer much of a sporting event. It’s become a political show. The athletes are merely pawns in a spectacle of international political competition. Which nation has the better athletes? Which will win the most gold medals?
USA!!! USA!!! chant the salivating American morons in the stands.
Naturally, this kind of grand recurring contrived event attracts politicians, their wives and entourages like flies to a dung heap.
President Obama and Michelle certainly knew that when they brazenly but unsuccessfully tried earlier to use the powers of the presidency to manipulate the Olympic Committee to locate the 2012 summer games in the city of Chicago, their hometown and the seat of their political influence, so that they could capitalize on the political goodies for themselves and their friends.  
Never mind that. If she can’t land the big political prize for her home town, at least she’ll lead the American delegation of political parasites and sycophants to London where she’ll hobnob with the Queen and all the lesser high born privileged nobles of international society. She’ll still have the attention; the best seats; the finest food, and plushest accommodations.
How much did the American taxpayers have to shell out for this latest unnecessary extravaganza? I’ll bet she didn’t spend a dime of her own money. Surely she didn’t travel by commercial airline. Of course she took the secret service with her. How many millions did it cost us to feed the First Parasite and her entourage for three days of hobnobbing and attention seeking in merry old England?
Why is it that a politician’s wife – the president’s wife -- always gets the honor of leading the American delegation to the Olympics? At Lillehammer in 1994 it was Hillary Clinton. Laura Bush got the nod in 2006 for the Turin games.
Why is it even necessary to send an official American delegation?
Why not just send the athletes and let them compete for the love of the sport?  

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