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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

USA: Murder Incorporated

Murder and mayhem throughout the world has become the mission of the United States of America for several decades now. Acts of Congress are no longer necessary. The president simply compiles a list of human targets and sends a military drone or CIA goon squad out to kill them. Nowadays even American citizens are included on these lists.
Forget about international law, declarations of war, the constitution or due process; the president acts just like a Mafia don today. Legal authority is not required. It’s all accomplished in secret with plausible deniability. Even if the president and his government thugs are caught red handed, so what; they’ll just plead national security and walk away from the mess unaccountable and uncharged.
That’s how it works in Washington today and that’s how it was half a century ago when the Kennedy administration unilaterally and secretly decided to get rid of Fidel Castro and his Cuban communist regime without observing the niceties of the law.
Castro had come to power by revolution in 1959 and quickly aligned himself and Cuba with the hated Russians during the so-called cold war. In JFK’s mind, Fidel Castro had to go. He didn’t want a communist government on friendly terms with Russia only 90 miles from our shores.
So in April of 1961, only three months after assuming the presidency, Kennedy secretly, and without Congressional authority, launched the Bay of Pigs invasion of the Cuban mainland seeking to oust Fidel Castro and the communists with the help of anti-Castro Cuban exiles.
The invasion was a catastrophic failure and Kennedy was left with egg on his face. More than 100 members of the CIA-sponsored invasion team were killed and many were captured by Cuban forces.
The fiasco served to embolden Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev, who obtained Castro’s permission to install a few Russian nuclear missiles on Cuban soil to be pointed at the U.S.
That led to the infamous Cuban missile crisis between the Soviet Union and the U.S. in which President Kennedy was successful in convincing them to back down and remove the threat.
Of course, the U.S. had nuclear missiles in Turkey and other countries all over Europe pointed directly at the Soviet Union, but never mind that; that was perfectly justified in the minds of Americans.
By now, JFK and his administration was embarrassed and pissed off to the point of removing Fidel Castro from the face of the Earth at any price, at any risk, and the law might be damned. History reveals several outright attempts by the Kennedy administration to assassinate his political adversary.
Ironically, it was JFK who wound up assassinated
Last week several documents belonging to JFK’s brother, the late Robert Kennedy, who was Attorney General during the Kennedy administration, were revealed. Among the 2,700 pages of these documents is found a CIA memo outlining a Mafia-connected plot to assassinate Castro.   
In the 1964 plan, the mob and "patriotic Cuban exiles" eventually settled on a payment of $100,000 for assassinating Castro, $20,000 for his brother Raúl and $20,000 for revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara, plus $2,500 for expenses.
Foiled again – this plot also failed – both Kennedy brothers were assassinated and Fidel Castro still lives. Live by the sword, die by the sword clearly applies in this instance.
The government of the United States of America was secretly and unlawfully working hand in hand with the Mafia. No doubt they still are.
USA: Murder Incorporated.

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