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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


More than a decade after the 9/11/01 World Trade Center terrorist attack and George W. Bush’s subsequent creation of the infamous Transportation Security Administration (TSA), it now appears that the vast majority of Americans are OK with the illusion of feeling safe on airplanes at the expense of their loss of liberty.
The USA is now OK with the TSA.
The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights has become completely null and void at American airports, most notably the Fourth Amendment prohibitions against unreasonable searches and seizures, and now the once coveted First Amendment Freedom of Speech Clause is the latest casualty in our statist government’s hysterical war on terror.
Vociferously objecting to TSA thuggery tactics at Nashville International Airport resulted in a jury imposed guilty verdict and criminal conviction for disorderly conduct against a concerned mother who was only trying to protect her 14-year-old daughter from an unreasonably intrusive pat-down molestation body search procedure by the TSA goons.
"Telling a police officer your opinion, even in strong language, to me that's a First Amendment right… She just wanted to stand on principle, because she felt that she had done nothing wrong," said her pro bono defense attorney. "And I admire her for that."
That principle, of course, is the fundamental constitutional right of free speech which the court found is not applicable when directed in an objectionable manner at airport TSA agents in the process of frisking and manhandling frightened 14-year-old girls by force.
This woman’s behavior "prevented others from carrying out their lawful activities," argued the prosecutor, which constitutes disorderly conduct.
No one disputes that the “behavior” for which she was convicted of a crime consisted of nothing more than objecting to the conduct of her TSA tormentors in a loud irritated voice. In her own words she was "irritated, but not arguing." She wasn’t unruly but did yell at the officers.
In other words, the lady was merely exercising her free speech rights vociferously. There was no physical confrontation. There were no threats of violence. It was only angry speech.
The TSA’s response was to two close two security lanes which made a normally one-minute security check a 30-minute ordeal. The prosecutor blamed that on the mother. "The defendant should have been aware that her behavior would prevent others from carrying out their lawful activities," she said.
The lady should have just meekly submitted to the process like a sheep at the shearing house without complaint, without any sign of irritation, and just allowed her rights to be trampled upon according to the prosecutor.
After both went willingly through a metal detector, the woman refused to allow her daughter to also go through a body scan machine, saying she didn't want "someone to see our bodies naked."
That prompted the TSA officer to demand a pat-down search, to which the girl submitted, but which in turn prompted the mother to yell at the officer that that she didn't want anyone "touching her daughter's crotch."
(Hummm … seems reasonable to me.)
Then, despite the fact that the mother was only accompanying her daughter to the gate but not getting on the plane herself, the TSA goons demanded that she also submit to the molestation procedure. Naturally, she refused. "You're not putting your (expletive) hands on me, this is (expletive)," she said.
So the officer arrested the mother. "She gave him no option," argued the D.A., "She put him in that position with her behavior."
The jury agreed. Complaining loudly to the TSA at an airport makes you guilty of a crime they all chimed.
Judge Joe P. Binkley Jr., warned the 42-year-old mother: "to be certain you don't get into any further problems with the law."
The Judge, the jury, and the USA are now OK with the TSA.


  1. Thanks to our collectivist statist school system, Americans have become nothing but sheep, incapable of understanding the most basic concept of liberty. Even in this blog, you only refer to the offenders by their authoritative titles (you do name the judge). If some private citizen was molesting children, would we refrain from calling them out by name?

  2. I remember when such antics were associated with USSR, fascist Germany and America stood above such regimes. Seeing America descent into tyranny, police state behavior, based on a most questionable false flag like Twin towers One, then Two, and don't forget the false flag of Oklahoma bombing, or at least watch the video Noble Lie to see how THAT too was a government scam on America, all of this, standard government 'do something' to make people fearful so the government can protect them, should now be self evident: a rogue or criminal government living off the dumbing down of the people, sucking them dry of life and their earnings for endless wars and government living high=on=the=hog off the people. Talk about craziness. Truly a prison country of the clueless believing these psychopaths now gathered together in DC and other centers of political bad lands. The good news is that this too shall pass; all things come full circle. Just that much more pain must be felt before this turns around, but when it does, may those who did this to all of us pay the price with their lives, fortunes and all that matters to them.

  3. My previous post: forgot to mention that, like so much the government does, oh how fine if people has a choice: fly via government run airports or alternative airports without TSA. My point is that the private free market airport would be more efficient and the growth in users of it would increase many fold and leave the TSA modeled groping you airports. BUT the government will not allow this!! Why? Because it is not about terrorism, but control of you! How can it be about Al queda when the CIA is behind Al Queda? How can it be about Americans safety, since is it not obvious that government is behind the mask of terrorism? I remind folk that a congressional committee tried to define terrorism and each time they came to agreement, the US government ranked #1 under the definition!!! So they decided to not define it!!! Research it on any search engine. Give me liberty or-r-r-r, get the hell out of the way and let me be free, get your hands out of my crotch and let me fly armed, instead of turning everyone into a victim who flies.