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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Insanity is a Disease in Consciousness

Since the Connecticut grade school shooting last week there has been a whole lot of speculation and hand wringing about what motivated the young killer to murder 20 little school children, six teachers, his own mother and then himself.
Much of the talk by the TV tube pundits, if not about the proliferation of guns in America, has been nonsense about ‘evil’ in the world about which nothing can be done. Mike Huckabee and others were quick to lament that the cause of these kinds of events is the fact that God and religion have been booted out of the culture.
The reality, in my opinion, is exactly the opposite as I explain in detail in my book – Authority!: Implications of Consciousness and the Reality of Existence.
There is far too much deception infused within the consciousness of human beings. Most people don’t realize that they are deceived. Those deceived minds are prone to insanity which is a disease in consciousness that can cause people to self destruct and destroy the lives of others.
Animals, for example, may hide, or confuse, or attract, even trick, but they never deceive, and are never deceived. Deception is employed only by conscious individuals. Only conscious individuals can deceive, or be deceived. Consciousness permits deception when an individual interprets an abstracted mind picture as existence, i.e., accepts nonexistence as existence. 
Psychological problems are always the product of an individual consciousness accepting too much abstract falsehood as reality.  People have consciously caused mental diseases -- ailments which no unconscious individual will ever have.  Consciousness can lead one to jump off a roof, thinking he can fly. It often drives people crazy. 
You will never ever encounter a neurotic, hysterical, delusional, schizophrenic, paranoid, superstitious, or psychotic animal.  No unconscious organism has ever had a psychological or psychiatric problem.  That’s because no unconscious organism has ever been deceived. 
It’s the unending deception, the falsehoods, the lies, and the mental conflict with reality that can make one crazy. When abstract falsehood is successfully promoted and culturally institutionalized as reality, it becomes verified and completely justified as “facts,” and “truths,” and “wisdom,” – Authority -- in the consciousness of a child.
Consciousness alone gives meaning to falsehood. People deceive and are deceived, only in consciousness. Consciousness permits deception, since deception requires the promotion and acceptance of abstract falsehoods as reality using consciousness. Deception requires the acceptance of a falsehood as a reality by a conscious mind.  Deception can only occur in that little “mind space” inside ones head -- his subjective consciousness.
Indeed, we think of those individuals who have completely lost touch with reality as insane.  Their individual consciousness is always permeated to the core with accepted falsehoods.  Abstract constructions of monsters, demons, and gods – conflicting Authorities -- are their “reality.”  They are crippled by their own consciousness, lost in a nonexistent Alice in Wonderland fantasy universe, deceived by conflicting authority to the point of total conscious surrender -- Crazy. 
Intelligent well intentioned individuals know this.  Yet even now, their little children are taught to accept abstract falsehoods as reality every day of their lives, by parents, and teachers, and experts, and preachers, and such, -- Authorities. Falsehood, deceit, and hypocrisy, is culturally promoted and institutionalized in this way
Authority is acquired and perpetuated by individuals in order to exploit individuals.  Ripe young conscious minds become programmed from birth to accept abstracted falsehood right along with cognitive contextual reality: Magic; Religion; Walt Disney “reality.”
That the two “realities” are always in total irreconcilable conflict is the root cause of all human psychological disorders. Pick out any 50 individuals in an insane asylum, and you’ll find 50 people who have accepted non-existence as a reality.  It’s a wonder that everyone isn’t crazy.
On March 27, 1997, thirty-nine adults were found dead inside their rented San Diego California mansion. They were all nice, kind, innocent, productive, intelligent, college educated members of a group known as “Heaven’s Gate.”
Each one fervently believed that an alien space ship was coming, right behind the Hale Bopp comet to take the primitive “consciousness” from their “container” bodies of this earth up to an advanced alien “consciousness,” a “Higher Source,” located somewhere up there in outer space. 
That event was described by the news media as the largest mass suicide in U.S. history.   Actually, it’s just one more horrific example among many, (like the Jim Jones massacre, for instance), of individual consciousness gone mad.
When people begin to learn how to distinguish reality from falsehood they have the tool to avoid that horrible disease in consciousness – insanity.
If that deranged kid in Connecticut had been taught that skill at an early age, instead of being force fed lies and deception, 28 people would no doubt still be alive today.  

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