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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Public Zoo Days

American public schools today are not much different than statist public zoos where the caged charges are spied upon during feeding time, assaulted and battered by teachers and other students in the classroom cages, and even threatened with legal incarceration punishments for their constitutional activities at home.
The Lake County Florida School Board is poised to install surveillance spy cameras on cafeteria trash cans to monitor what kids are throwing away after discovering that students were dumping their federally-mandated fruit and vegetables.
More than $75,000 worth of veggies has been thrown in the garbage in response to the Obama administration’s policy to force schools to provide healthy produce in lunch rooms. Some students have staged strikes while others have launched petition drives urging the federal government to change their policy.
“It’s fairly specific recipe of what they would like us to serve,” said a Board member. “Unfortunately, much of it has to do with fresh fruit and vegetables and it seems to be going into the trash. And that’s not okay.”
 “This is a no brainer,” said one angry parent. “Kids are not going to eat the stuff served at school. Has anyone really looked at these lunch trays?”
“Why not just remove the kids from their parent’s home at 3 – 5 years-old and put them in mass dormitories where their entire lives can be monitored and properly controlled so that they become properly modeled citizens and serve as they are needed by our enlightened leaders,” groused another.
“Because no matter what they say, they are going to try to identify the kids throwing the food away and then social workers and courts will get involved,” wrote one local resident. “If your child doesn’t eat his school lunch, you will face punishment. Think I’m wrong? There are cities and states that punish the adults if the children are truant or get in trouble with the law in any manner. Your kid threw away a carrot? Go to jail. This is what we are coming to.”
My sentiments exactly!
Meanwhile, a fourth-grade teacher at Declo Elementary School in Idaho is punishing students who didn't reach their reading goals by having their classmates paint the slower readers' faces. The students were given the option of either missing recess or having their face painted. Their peers were given markers to draw mustaches, goatees and names on the slower readers.
The school's principal said she was aware of the punishment, and the school district superintendent said the students actually had a say in the punishment. "The class had discussed their accelerated reading goals and tried to put together incentives," she admitted. "One of the incentives is that those who met their goal would be able to paint the face of those who didn't meet their goal."
"Not only was my son punished with bullying but the other students were rewarded with bullying," said one angry parent. "They are being taught that bullying is okay and that there's nothing wrong with this."
But another parent said she supported the punishment. "I'm one of many parents who stand by the teacher's methods and what she does,"
Let’s vote on it. How many are in favor of violating the constitutional rights of little school children who are slower readers than the others? Say Aye!
How many believe that little kids should never be assaulted and battered in their classrooms by their classmates under the direction of their teachers and administrators? Say No!
The Ayes have it! From now on teachers and students at the public zoo  are allowed to violate the intellectually challenged kid’s rights at will and nothing will be done about it.
North Carolina statist politicians have passed a new law aimed at punishing students who criticize teachers online. They might get jail time, even if they are telling the truth; that’s no defense. A student could go to jail for up to 60 days for posting something truthful on the Internet.
It’s been dubbed the School Violence Prevention Act. They want to nail kids who torment their teachers by creating fake online profiles, posting personal information or images, signing them up to pornographic sites or making any statement, "whether true or false" that's intended to "immediately provoke" anyone to "stalk or harass a school employee."
"It became apparent that we had to get some kind of protection," said Judy Kidd, of the Classroom Teachers Association of North Carolina.
Has she ever heard of a civil action?
More particularly, has she ever heard of the First Amendment?
“This law is so vague that it could easily result in a student being arrested simply for posting something on the Internet that a school official finds offensive,” said the ACLU-NC Policy Director. “Young people should not be taught that they will be punished for telling the truth, speaking freely, or questioning authority – yet that is exactly what could happen under this law.”
Let’s take another vote!
How many in favor of trampling upon the student’s First Amendment freedom of speech rights even while they are not in school? Say Aye!
How many think that it’s not a good thing to violate student’s constitutional rights with criminal penalties in order to solve a minor problem that can be rectified in a civil courtroom? Say No!
The Aye’s have it!
The rights of the caged animals may be damned.
Public zoo days in America will continue as usual.

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  1. Wow! You're especially charged up today, and rightly so. Every one of these examples is total B***S***.

    Surely as America continues its descent into despotism, people will wake up, right? Right??