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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Religion Gone Mad

Since the tender age of seven years I knew for certain that all religion was entirely imaginary; and not much later it became apparent to me that gods and religion is the worst, most deceptive and destructive cultural phenomenon that has ever visited upon the conscious human mind.
Religion results in delusion at a minimum and madness at the extreme. Madness is the predictable result when religion becomes state sponsored and imposed by the government Authority upon the people by force.
What a tragic waste upon humanity it is when the people are captive of a government god.
Thankfully, the First Amendment Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution has so far protected a minority of Americans from that in spite of the fact that there are plenty of Christian zealots that given half a chance would quickly impose Jesus and biblical law upon the rest of us.
That nightmare, sadly, is the norm in many parts of the Islamic controlled Middle East where Pakistani authorities last week accused their own ambassador to the United States of blasphemy, a crime that carries the death penalty.
Under Pakistani blasphemy laws, anyone found to have uttered words derogatory toward the official religion may be put to death, and accused offenders are often lynched by mobs even before they reach court.
Ambassador Sherry Rehman has already faced death threats from militants after calling for reforms to her country’s anti-blasphemy law. In short, it’s blasphemous to advocate the repeal of blasphemy laws in Pakistan. Two other politicians who suggested reforming the law were assassinated.
Rehman was charged by a private citizen who complained to the authorities that comments she made about the law on a Pakistani talk show in 2010 were blasphemous. “I’ve been trying to get this case registered for the last three years, ever since I saw that TV show,” said her accuser. “I’ve even gone to the highest court. I’m glad that action will finally be taken now.”
He went to the Supreme Court with his complaint after police refused to register it. The court ordered police in the central Pakistani city of Multan to investigate.
Such accusations are hard to defend against because blasphemy isn’t even defined and courts often hesitate to hear evidence, fearful that reproducing it will also be blasphemy.
Recent cases have included a man who threw away a business card belonging to a man name Mohammed.
That, I submit, is the definition of religious madness.
Last September Egyptian authorities demanded that the U.S prosecute on our own soil the filmmakers of an anti-Islam YouTube clip for the crime of blasphemy, or insulting religious figures.
Imagine the nerve of these religious madmen! And our government is still showering them with $billions of taxpayer dollars in foreign aid.
The Egyptian’s are about to amend their constitution to ban insulting God, “prophets of God, Prophet Mohamed's wives, the righteous caliphs and the prophet's companions."
Freedom of expression should not include the freedom to insult religious figures, explained one official. “There is a huge difference between the freedom to express your feelings, your point of view, and the direct and obvious insult to the prophets.… It doesn’t restrict freedom of speech at all. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean to insult God or the prophets.”
Insulting the prophets would include objecting to the new constitution.
“Certainly, such attacks against sanctities do not fall under the freedom of opinion or thought,” said a statement released by the Muslim Brotherhood. “They are crimes and assaults against Muslim sanctities, and must not be tolerated by the countries where they are produced or launched, since they are also detrimental to the interests of those countries in dealings with the peoples of the Muslim world.”
In Timbuktu, Mali, human beings may be put to death at the hands of crazed Islamic extremists who consider their unauthorized romance "haram" forbidden. There, militant Islamic madmen have terrorized the population, whipping women and girls in northern Mali almost every day for not adhering to their interpretation of the strict moral code known as Shariah.
They circulated a pamphlet outlining how a woman should wear the veil, and whom she could and could not be seen with. They arrested an illiterate man and woman, both dirt-poor herders living together for years with their animals and two children out of wedlock. The pair was taken to a city center. A hole was dug the size of a man and the couple were forced to kneel inside where they were summarily stoned to death.
By this time, the crazed Islamists were beating everyone from pregnant mothers and grandmothers to 9-year-olds for not covering themselves fully. A woman was no longer supposed to talk even to her own brother in public.
Another innocent woman was sentenced to 95 lashes. Her crime: an innocent relationship with a man. The police made her kneel in a traffic circle. Then they told her to remove her dress, leaving only the thin fabric of gauze to protect her skin from the whip while the public, including little kids, jostled for a better view. An unmerciful flogging followed during which her high-pitched her screams were heard by all along with the sounds of the whip.
These people are savages.
Government authorities in Tehran, Iran, are confiscating Buddha statues from shops to stop the promotion of Buddhism in the country.  An official for the protection of Iran's cultural heritage was quoted as saying that authorities will not permit that specific belief to be promoted through such statues. He called the Buddha statues symbols of "cultural invasion."
I for one will never set foot nor do business in any country, like the ones mentioned above; whose governments officially enforce such religious barbarism upon their own people. It’s a shame that the American government supports and allies with these deranged criminals who cloak themselves in the name of God.
They demonstrate what can happen when religion goes mad.

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