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Sunday, April 28, 2013

George W. Bush: Presidential Criminal, Part 2

In George W. Bush: Presidential Criminal, Part 1, I discussed one of the major reasons why the evidence that this man is a criminal has now been demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt. He knowingly and deliberately presided over a regime of torture against perceived enemies in blatant violation of the United States Constitution, U.S. and international laws.

That fact alone is enough to warrant a lengthy prison term for this criminal.

Can you imagine our first president, George Washington ever authorizing and presiding over the torture of British soldiers, all of whom were definitely in the category of enemy combatants invading American soil, during the Revolutionary war?

It is unimaginable.

That was before the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights even came into existence – there was no Fifth Amendment then; no Bill of Rights – it was a matter of common decency and humanity that our government did not engage in torture even though it might have been expedient to do so.

As far as I know, German and Japanese enemy combatants were not tortured by U.S forces as POW’s during World War II, at least not upon a systematic authorized from the top basis. There is no record of President Franklin Roosevelt or President Harry Truman presiding over a regime of torture. That kind of thing was unthinkable then, not to mention a clear violation of international treaties and the laws of war.

Before George W. Bush’s imaginary “War on Terror,” the U.S. had never engaged in a war or other conflict against enemy combatants in which torture was authorized and encouraged by the President and Commander in Chief of the United States of America. Yet German and Japanese enemy combatants were far more dangerous to our nation then than a ragged ill-equipped band of Muslim terrorists are today.

The Nazis and the Japs did it to our soldiers but the Americans didn’t reciprocate in kind. Enemy prisoners of war were treated well and humanely by our government in those days. That was when the United States of America had some honor and integrity.

George W. Bush and his regime of torture have left an ugly, indelible and irreversible stain upon the honor and integrity of America. Now other lesser nations will use his criminal example to justify their own torture regimes. America does it so why can’t they? We can no longer validly criticize other nations for systematic human rights violations against enemies.

George W. Bush is unrepentant for his crimes right up to this day.

He just gave a speech at the dedication of his new Presidential Center and Library in which he proudly proclaimed that: “Supporters come and go. But in the end leaders are defined by the convictions they hold. And my deepest conviction; the guiding principle of the administration is that the United States of America must strive to expand the reach of freedom: I believe that freedom is a gift from god.” 

So we see that throughout his eight year presidency this criminal fancied himself as on a mission from God who’s deepest conviction and guiding principle in office was to expand the reach of American style government – God’s gift -- into places like Iraq and Afghanistan – a purpose which is not set forth in the Constitution as part of his authorized presidential powers.
This deluded criminal megalomaniac actually thought he was on a mission from God, which in his mind justifies all his crimes.
The foremost guiding principle of any President of the United States is to execute the laws of the United States and preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. That’s his job. That is the purpose and authority granted to him under the Constitution.
That is what the presidential oath of office specifies as his primary duty. It is to execute our laws and preserve our freedoms – not engage in an imperialistic worldwide crusade to force American values upon the citizens of other nations by military means in the name of God.
George W Bush violated his presidential oath in the worst possible way. He initiated two totally unnecessary major military conflicts abroad in which the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people were slaughtered along with more than 4,000 American soldiers. These people lie dead because of him.
 He forced America on these people and those lucky enough to remain alive are less free than they ever were beforehand. Not only did he fail to expand the reach of freedom, which was beyond his authority in the first place, he actually made matters in those countries worse by his criminal actions.
He almost single handedly caused the great financial meltdown and lingering recession of 2007 and beyond. America still hasn’t recovered from his incompetent and criminal mismanagement of the economy.
Do we Americans enjoy more freedoms today than we did before this criminal torturer George W. Bush took office? Did this man expand the reach of freedom for us Americans now that we have the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the FISA, and the TSA?
Of course not! He opened a hornets’ nest.
Americans enjoy far less freedoms today than at any other time in history thanks to George W. Bush: Presidential criminal.

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  1. Excellent analysis of George W. Bush's presidency. The only thing I disagree with is when you said in part 1 that Bush was *not* a war criminal. Because the wars were unconstitutional, he was a "war criminal" the moment he started the wars.