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Thursday, April 18, 2013

What Dr. Keith Ablow Doesn’t Understand About Terrorists

Anyone familiar with Fox News and the Fox News Channel knows Dr. Keith Ablow, psychiatrist, member of the Fox News Medical A-Team, and resident psycho-babbler in chief.
Dr. Ablow is a nice personable young man, often called upon to comment from a psychiatric point of view on current topics of the day, but more often than not he just doesn’t understand what he’s talking about and his opinions come out horribly wrong.
I’ve written about Dr. Ablow’s lack of basic understanding several times on this blog.
Now, after the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing attack, it once again seems that the good Dr. Ablow, the guy who is supposed to understand psychology and human motives, doesn’t understand beans about terrorists. He tries to feed us the same old unsubstantiated statist government propaganda that terrorists attack us because we are free.
If I have heard that nonsense once I’ve heard it a thousand times from politicians, pundits and tube puppets everywhere who simply think that it is necessary to whitewash the real reasons for terrorism because the real reasons reflect badly upon them and upon the government of the United States.
“The pursuit of liberty is a marathon,” writes Ablow. “The attacker or attackers today used bombs in backpacks … They chose the streets of Boston … Because the target of those who hate freedom is anyone who loves it, anywhere, anytime.”
“Here is the irony:  We are vulnerable, because we are free and strong.  These qualities attract the ire of those who would have us shackled and weak, who are consumed by hatred for individual possibilities, rather than love for what a free person can dream about and strive for and accomplish.”
“Please tell your children this”, Ablow concludes:  “We are attacked in America because we speak about and believe in the power of people to guide themselves through life, to make their own decisions, to think their own thoughts, to speak freely and to pursue their own happiness.”
“Tell them that as long as the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial and the Statue of Liberty grace our great land that those opposed to equality and free will always see us as enemies.  Tell them that we must always be vigilant, but never afraid.”
“Tell them that we cannot be defeated, because the truth wins, every time.  And we, in America, hold great truths to be self-evident.”
“Tell them that liberty is a marathon.”
What a concentrated load of useless rubbish!
Terrorism has nothing to do with our liberty. Liberty in America is not something which must be pursued like in a marathon. We’re supposed to already have it enshrined within the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We want to protect it from the grasping aspirations of government, not pursue it from the likes of a ragged band of terrorists.
The terrorists don’t give a shit about our freedoms. That’s not what they hate about the U.S.A.
The terrorists aren’t trying to shackle us and make us weak. They’re not out to stifle American  individuals dreams for a better life, or for individuals to make their own life’s decisions and think their own thoughts, to speak freely, and pursue individual happiness.
The terrorists don’t give a rat’s ass that American individuals want equality and free will.
So, Dr. Ablow’s analyses amounts to utter nonsense. He doesn’t have a clue as to what he is babbling about.
I’m not aware of a single terrorist who, after being arrested, confessed that they became a terrorist because Americans are free. There are lots and lots of nations on this planet where the citizens enjoy just as much or more freedoms than Americans.
Why don’t the terrorists attack those nations?
Terrorists hate the U.S.A. because the United States government is a super imperialistic political and military force which seeks to meddle into the affairs and politics of other nations and impose its will upon their populations.
Terrorists in the Middle East, for example, hate the fact that the U.S. government maintains military bases and a powerful military presence in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and several other countries in the region.
They don’t like foreign occupiers invading their homelands with intent to meddle by force into their lives. They hate America because of the United States government, the United States military, and the United States acts of global imperialism.
That’s why they are terrorists; it’s not about the freedom of individual Americans.
That’s what Dr. Keith Ablow doesn’t understand about terrorists.


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