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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Political Demigod Parasites

When throughout all of world history the great masses of human populations aren’t worshipping Gods they tend to be worshipping demigods or often both. Most people have been deceived in consciousness with a necessity to worship religious and political leaders – Authority!

This systematic process of deception in consciousness allows the worshipped authorities and those who invoke them even after their deaths to become human parasites making their livings by sucking the juices and valuables – sacrifices -- from the lives of the deceived faithful.
In short, the human religious or political parasites create and promote imaginary Gods and demigods for the purpose of deceiving the individual consciousness of the masses into worshipping them and making voluntary sacrifices which the human parasites consume. In Biblical times the priests enjoyed the exclusive right to consume the sacrifices.
The power of the God or demigod depends upon the magnitude and intensity of the underlying belief among the deceived faithful. So, some of them, with the assistance of their human parasite followers have perpetuated their power and authority for years, centuries, and even millennia.
Last month, for one out of many examples, we learned that the embalmed body of recently departed and newly minted demigod, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, will rest in a glass case on public display in that country supposedly forever, according to his deputy (human parasite), Nicolas Maduro.
Chavez was a brutal communist dictator and criminal thug who generally made the lives of the people of Venezuela far worse under his regime than before his rise to the status of demigod. Yet instead of cursing and reviling this thieving human parasite, his surviving coalition of fellow human parasites are installing him has a revered demigod to be worshipped forever. They intend to perpetuate his power for as long as they can for their own political benefit.
The human benefactors of many other communist criminal demigods have seen fit to embalm and enshrine to this day their remains in glass coffins to be revered and worshipped by the deceived masses, even though it has become clear now that they were all criminals who destroyed their own nations.
These include Russia's first communist leader, Vladimir Lenin, whose body still lies on permanent display in a mausoleum in Moscow's Red Square nearly 90 years after his death; Josef Stalin, the Soviet communist butcher of Russia; China's communist value destroyer and murderer, Mao Zedong, Vietnam's mass murderer, Ho Chi Min, and North Korea's founding communist dictator and murderer, dear leader, Kim Il Sung.
Apparently, Russian Orthodox Christians believe that the body of a true saint does not decay. So they’re fine with putting these godless communist demigods on display in perpetuity even though they tried to wipe out the last vestiges of theism and Christianity in the Soviet Union.
The ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were perhaps the first demigods to be embalmed after death for the purpose of preserving their remains forever and thereby ensuring their successful passing into the imaginary afterlife where they supposedly would become Gods and continue to wield power over their deceived subjects.
Even today, the tomb of King Tut and the monumental stone pyramids at Giza remind us of how the ancient benefactors of human parasite demigods took advantage of the deception in the consciousness of the people to perpetuate their own power and Authority!
All the kings, emperors, sultans, emirs and satraps in history have done exactly the same.
Human parasite politicians of the United States government have been doing it for many decades now. Several U.S. presidents have been elevated to the status of demigod and are now worshipped in temples dedicated to their memory in Washington D.C. and elsewhere. Their faces have been carved into massive monuments at Mt. Rushmore, and special elaborate tombs for their remains have been erected in places like Arlington cemetery.  
All of this is done to perpetuate the deception of the validity of government Authority in the consciousness of the American people. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Presidents Day, Uncle Sam, and One Nation Under God are all part of the magnificent deception constantly promoted by our own United States of America political demigod parasites.


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  1. Their faces have been carved into massive monuments at Mt. Rushmore...

    And onto coins, which used to feature images symbolizing liberty. Not till the 20th century did criminal (i.e. politician) faces appear on coins.