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Sunday, August 25, 2013

We’re Indispensable!

As President Obama contemplates what affirmative action the United States government should take regarding the civil war in Syria and bloody violence in Egypt, he haughtily proclaimed to CNN New Day anchor, Chris Cuomo, that the U.S. remains "one indispensable nation" in the volatile Middle East and elsewhere.

How about that! The Middle East especially, and the rest of the world simply can’t do without us, says Emperor of the planet, Barack Obama: 

We’re indispensable!

"We have to think through strategically what's going to be in our long term national interests," he added.

Yes, but just exactly how does the long term national interests of the United States make us an indispensable nation to the world? The President is actually claiming that it is our own strategic national interests which render the United States the one nation the rest of the world cannot do without.

Is that the pinnacle of arrogance, or what? This is precisely the same arrogant imperialist attitude which got our country recklessly mired into the unwinnable failures of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The foolish idea of American exceptionalism has cost our nation dearly – $trillions of dollars in cash and thousands of priceless human lives have been wasted -- flushed down the international toilet by the political parasite class in the cause of America the indispensable. 

Next Syria and then on to Egypt; it never ends.

They need us. We’re indispensable!

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  1. The $16 trillion national debt is being handled by the same Wall Street entities that have used the IMF, WB, and WTO to economically devastate the third world and are now raping Europe. To believe they will not treat the United States in a similar manner is naïve. Ref. .