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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Government Tattoo Statists of America

I don’t sport any tattoos; never have; never will; don’t like them, and have always thought they look ridiculous, especially on the body of a pretty woman.

Tattoos, however, are a classic means of personal artistic self expression, and although I would never choose to have one as a way to express myself, I know that every human being in the United States of America enjoys a First Amendment Constitutional right to cover their bodies with them if that is their desire whether I like it or not.

Imagine a government entity that passed and enforced statist oriented laws requiring that all artists be licensed by the state and that all buyers of art be required to wait 24 hours before completing the purchase.

That kind of thing shouldn’t happen in America.

But the government tattoo statists of America, always on the lookout for opportunities to violate individual constitutional rights, want to interfere with that longstanding classic right of personal self expression – tattoos -- a practice which has been unregulated since the dawn of mankind.

They now demand the power to second guess your personal decision to get a tattoo.

The Department of Health for the city of Washington D.C., is proposing a new regulation requiring a 24-hour waiting period and other onerous requirements for the provision of tattoo services. Sixty-five pages of rules and regulations designed to stifle tattoo parlors would require that a tattoo artist cannot apply a tattoo or body piercing until at least 24 hours after a customer requests it.

It has nothing to do with health. "That's a classic case of a cosmetologist saying, 'Shouldn't those people think about their decision?'" said tattoo artist Paul Roe, calling the proposal "ridiculous" because it would hurt his business. “Over-regulation is the killer of any profession,” he explained.

The regulations would also prohibit the tattooing of anyone under the age of 18, anyone under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and require that the operators and artists be licensed, as well as outlining exactly what equipment can be used, and how to maintain it.

So the city government in D.C. believes that minors don’t have First Amendment Rights, and therefore can’t be tattooed even if their parents give consent. Tattooing a kid would be a crime in Washington D.C. The city government wants tattoo artists to administer alcohol breathalyzer and drug tests to their customers. Tattooing drinkers and pot heads would be a crime.

The government statists think they have the power to interfere with your right of self expression and the manner in which you choose to show it. Why not? Today they are interfering with just about every other constitutionally guaranteed right in the Bill of Rights.

Tomorrow they’ll be coming after your right to eat ice cream.

This time though it’s the government tattoo statists of America.

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