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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Unrepentant Parasites

“My sister just totally didn't deserve this,” lamented Amy Carey-Jones sorrowfully when she heard the news that her sister, Miriam Carey, was gunned down by government goons, i.e., Washington D.C. police and secret service agents, on the streets of the nation’s Capitol yesterday.

"I just saw the same clip over and over," she acknowledged, but refused to believe it. "I did recognize the car. It just didn't seem real… We are still trying to put the pieces together… We will never know what Mariam was thinking in those last hours before she died, and we can only speculate. Our real concern is why (this happened) and were things done properly? Was there some other way she could have been helped so that it didn't end tragically?"

Why indeed!

Yes, of course there were other ways which would have insured that the situation didn’t end tragically. The goons are the ones who escalated the situation and initiated the massive high-speed car chase. No one’s life was in danger until they recklessly started that. There was no particular need or compelling necessity to hurry at all costs to capture a suspect who had not attacked anyone but was merely trying to elude them.

Likewise, there was no need for any gun fire at all against a suspect who was clearly not confronting them, (except that they might properly have used their guns to shoot out her tires.) 

She was shot dead after her car was stopped and after she had exited the vehicle unarmed. Obviously, when she got out of the car she was no longer in a position to use it as a weapon, and there is no evidence that she had used it as a weapon beforehand; she was only trying to get away.

This was just another example of murder by cop. The shooting was not justified by any reasonable objective standard of proper police conduct. The woman was not the aggressor here. The government goons were the aggressors.

But don’t expect any agreement from Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier, who insisted that officers of the U.S. Capitol Police and Secret Service acted within commonly accepted use-of-force policies and practices as they riddled the young woman’s body with bullets.

And don’t expect any repentance from the political parasite members of Congress, who cowered pathetically within their plush Capitol Hill offices the whole time, and later, upon learning that they were safe, gave the murderous government goons a standing ovation for assassinating the poor unarmed woman in front of her little 1-year-old infant.

That’s right. Today, now that these same political class parasites, the ones who panicked in mortal fear like lemmings only yesterday; after they know for certain that this incident had nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism; that their own miserable lives were not threatened by her conduct for one second; that she was totally unarmed and not attacking anyone; that she was confused and suffering from mental illness which lead her to try eluding the goon squad of government agents pursuing her; there is not one single peep of regret or expression of remorse from the lot of them for what happened to her and for their sickening response of elation in support of her murderers when they learned of her death.

Instead, the parasitical worms of Capitol Hill are carrying on their incompetent business as usual without looking back and without a care in the world. As long as their worthless hides have been preserved they could care less about the poor innocuous sick soul who was mercilessly slaughtered Rambo-style on their behalf.

A few months after her baby daughter was born, Miriam Carey was diagnosed with postpartum depression with psychosis, the sisters said. Postpartum psychosis can cause delusions and paranoia, according to medical experts.

"There wasn't a pattern. It was something that occurred suddenly," Carey-Jones said. "She seemed overwhelmed. There was a lot of stress.” Otherwise, she was a "vibrant" woman who had everything to live for -- especially her 1-year-old daughter, the sisters explained.

"She always talked about teaching. Her field was dental hygienist, and she wanted to go further and give back in the field," Carey-Jones said.

"My sister just totally didn't deserve this," said Valarie Carey, who was a New York police officer. "There are going to be a lot of different stories being told by people that claim they may know her. They don't. She was a law-abiding citizen. She had no political agenda."

Idella Carey, the victim’s mother, said her daughter had "no history of violence."

Today the Capitol Hill parasites know all of this but remain unrepentant. They no-doubt still believe that she deserved it. 


  1. It's obvious from the video that the "law enforcement officers" were intent on killing whomever was in the car, not stopping the car, not apprehending the driver. As the car sped away from the first encounter, the police shot at it. They shot at a car going away from them. They didn't know who or what was in the car, but they shot at it, and everybody else that happened to be in front of their guns. This appears to be the mentality of police today: Comply or die. Any level of non-compliance justifies all levels violence, including murder.

  2. Agree completely. I look forward to the day when these murdering criminal government thugs are made to answer for their crimes.