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Sunday, November 3, 2013


When Adolph Hitler and his homicidal gang of Nazi thugs transformed Germany into a noxious police state there were still a tiny minority of the oppressed German citizens who covertly resisted the outrage with heroic acts of defiance, sabotage, and outright murder.

Yes, there were many instances in which Nazi party officials, SS officers and Gestapo goons were brutally assassinated by disgruntled Germans who hated what they were doing to their beloved nation. Hitler himself narrowly missed death at the hands of his own countrymen on several occasions.

Today we immortalize those brave resisters in our history books as heroes, and our admiration for them is well deserved. They stood up to the parasitical monster’s oppressing them and risked their lives for any opportunity to take them down. Few people today will recall any sympathy for the Gestapo. They lived by the sword and deserved to die by it.

There is no safe refuge for hated monster political oppressors of this world. They might as well display targets on their backs as they go about conducting their nasty business. Sooner or later someone who hates them, someone who doesn’t care about the consequences, will find an opportunity to strike back.

It’s called blowback.

That’s exactly what we saw last Friday at Los Angeles International Airport's Terminal 3, when a 23-year-old man, identified by the FBI as Paul Anthony Ciancia, armed with an assault rifle, went on a murderous rampage targeting TSA officers.

“Why did he do it?” says the headline.

It really doesn’t take a genius to figure that out in my humble opinion.  

This was blowback.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning what this guy did. I don’t believe in solving problems with violence. But I can certainly understand why he did it. He hates the United States government – especially the TSA -- and he was looking for revenge.

He had enough ammunition to "have literally killed everyone in that terminal," Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti observed. But he apparently wasn’t after everyone or just anyone. He was targeting only TSA officers.  

Witnesses described how the gunman was asking people: "Hey, are you TSA?" If they said "no," he would move on. One man said that he had just seen the gunman "calmly" shoot a TSA officer and then walked toward him asking: "TSA?" "I just shook my head," said the witness, "And he kept going."

Gee, why would anybody hate the United States government?

Why would anybody hate and want to target the TSA?

Why would anyone hate Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich?

Why would anyone hate and want to target the Gestapo?



  1. Thank you for getting it! Why are people not understanding that citizens are getting sick and tired of being treated like criminals at airports? Is it so wrong that innocent people don't want to have naked pictures taken of them or have their private parts touched?

    Unfortunately, I think we'll see more stupid security measures instead of doing something about the invasive, degrading, and ineffective ones already in place.

  2. Another gun-free-zone, another shooting.