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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

US Constitution Illegal in Modesto

What better evidence is there today that America has morphed into a statist police state than this example of a California college which actually bars its own students from exercising free speech on campus, including handing out free copies of the United States Constitution?

That’s right. On September 17, 2013 – Constitution Day in America – a student interested in starting an organization called Young Americans for Liberty at Modesto Junior College was accosted by the campus police for the “crime” of peaceably passing out pocket-size pamphlets of the Constitution to fellow students.

The cop escorted 25-year-old student Robert Van Tuinen to a school administrative office where an official showed him a binder with “rules governing free speech” on campus. He was admonished that that there is only one small designated place “in front of the student center, in that little cement area,” where free expression is allowed, but that two people are already using it.
“You’d have to wait,” croaked the statist. “You could go on (Sept.) 20th, the 27th or you can go into October.” Then he was advised to make an appointment with the vice president of student services for further explanation of the “rules.”
"It was a tense situation," recalls Van Tuinen. "To be told I can't do something as basic as handing out the Constitution was frustrating."
“Watching the video [that Van Tuinen recorded of the entire incident] is a combination of depressing and nauseating, to see what rigmarole students have to go through just to express themselves on campus,” declared Robert Shibley, senior vice president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which has taken on campus speech codes around the nation.

“They [the rules] are imposed in an attempt to sanitize the public space of anything that might offend somebody.” Shibley added. “The fact is, no school specifically needs a speech code. They have the ability keep order on campus. Of people are too loud, harassing people, or blocking traffic they have the means to address that.”
This sad story just makes me wonder out load about to what part of the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights which guarantees free speech do these statist college campus administrative officials not understand.
The government “shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech,” period. No law literally means no law; no rule; no prohibition; no abridgment; no infringement; no exception; no nothing.
No means no!
But in a police state, like we have in California and the rest of America today, no means no constitutional rights because the:
US Constitution is illegal in Modesto.

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