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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Statist French Sex Police

A deranged young Parisian nut case got angry recently and brutally murdered a French prostitute. He confessed to the cops that he simply had "felt the need to take his anger out on somebody" after recently being made redundant.
So what does the thoroughly statist socialist dominated French parliament do about it? They’re about to pass a law imposing hefty fines on the “crime” of paying for sex. Anyone caught paying for sex would face an initial fine of 1,500 Euros. The fine would be doubled for repeat offenders.
Johns would be made to undergo an "awareness" course on prostitution, similar to ones on the dangers of drunk driving given to traffic offenders. A perfectly innocent activity which has been permitted, legal, part of the culture and social fabric in France for millennia, will be banned by the government if the statists have their way.
Of course, prostitutes everywhere have been at risk for the possibility of becoming murder victims ever since the oldest profession was invented long before the dawn of civilization. Exactly the same possibilities have been true in the case of wives, girlfriends and all manner of significant others.
Sexual relationships are risky whether the payment is in cash or commitment.
Next then, assuming the logic of the statists is valid; the government should pass laws imposing hefty fines on anyone engaged in sexual relationships. After all, it’s not the payment of cash which makes a sexual relationship risky; it’s all of the myriad emotional factors involved.
In this case, the deranged murderer killed his victim because he was angry about his own worthless redundant life – not because he was obliged to pay his victim for the opportunity.
But statist logic is never valid. It only makes sense to statists. You know; all those morons out there who would pass laws banning wet dreams – or any other gratuitous form of pleasure – if given half a chance.
Here in the United Statist States of America, we’re way ahead of the French when it comes to punishing innocent people for wanting sex without commitment. There is something about the subject of gratuitous sex that sends statists into apoplectic fits of frenzy. That makes the matter of paying for it out of the question here except within a few isolated and remote pockets in the State of Nevada where prostitution is expensive and heavily regulated.
Prostitution in America is almost entirely conducted illegally and underground. And that will be the situation in France if the statists have their way. If they think that paying for sex causes violence just wait until they make it illegal. Just like all other victimless crimes, it’s the law banning the activity which results in all the violence, murder and mayhem; not the activity itself.
Maud Olivier, the Socialist MP who presented the bill in the French Parliament, attacked critics in her opening speech. “To say women have the right to sell themselves is to disguise the fact that men have the right to buy them” she croaked. "So is it enough for one prostitute to say she is free for the enslavement of others to be respectable and acceptable? Where is the glamour in the 10 to 15 penetrations a day undergone by women compelled to be prostitutes, evidently for economic reasons, with dramatic consequences for their health?"
An opponent of the proposed law said he feared that the penalties against paying for sex would actually harm prostitutes. "That won't change anything for prostitutes," he told reporters. "They will be forced to continue to hide themselves because even if they are not risking arrest, their clients are. And their survival depends on their clients."
One prostitute said she feared that clients might want to take prostitutes "to places that are more and more hidden, for example basements, car parks, forests... isolated places that we are afraid of because we won't be secure.”
However, a former prostitute who is now an activist argued that targeting clients was the only way to stop prostitution. "You need to tackle the root of the evil," she explained. "Prostitution is kept up by clients and the only way reduce it - because of course the mentalities need to evolve - the only way to stop it is to punish the client."
That’s right Madam Statist; put targets on the backs of innocent men who simply want a little sex without the commitment of a relationship and are willing to pay for it. It’s a win-win situation; no different than any other innocent business transaction; a win for provider and client alike.
But in France, one cannot successfully employ reason and logic to argue with the Statist French Sex Police.

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