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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cussing Kid Kidnapped in Omaha

Last week the Omaha Nebraska police department posted a confiscated video depicting a diaper wearing toddler cursing, swearing obscenities, profanities, and using the infamous ‘N’ word in response to the encouragement of his uncle and other adults who apparently thought it was cute.
The cops found no evidence that any crime had been committed. But now that video is all over the Internet and TV pundits are aghast over the fact that the adults were not punished and the toddler taken away from them.
Of course they were unable to charge a crime here. That’s because in the United States of America we still have the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment which supposedly guarantees the right of free speech no matter how disgusting or offensive it might be to others.
In short, as despicable as it might seem to statists, parents and family members in America have a First Amendment right to teach their kids religion if they so choose; or to curse and swear in front of them, teach them swear words, racial slurs, hate speech, and other vulgarities.
The First Amendment provides no exceptions for vulgar speech.
But that fact never stops determined statists from having their way. After the story broke and millions of other statists saw the video, the Omaha authorities wrung their collective hands and eventually found a dubious pretext with which to remove the kid from his home and take him, along with four other children there, into “protective custody.”
The frustrated authorities – offended by the content of the speech -- reviewed the video over and over again with prosecutors who reluctantly determined no criminal activities had taken place. But then they went to Child Protective Services anyway alleging “concerns” for the toddler's “well-being.” That led to an investigation and a finding of “safety concerns” in the home which “justified” the abduction of the four little kids.
They kidnapped the kids for cussing. They’re protecting them from “offensive” speech and a cultural atmosphere that they deem is “unsuitable.”
The police union officials explained that they had an obligation to share the video so the public could learn about "the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in…"The whole point of this is to give an unfiltered view of what police officers deal with every day."
Every talking head TV tube puppet I’m aware of thinks that the kidnapping of these kids was justified because they were being taught to use offensive speech.
But I say: what about the First Amendment?
Not once did the First Amendment enter into the debate about what happened here.
Now, personally, I don’t agree with what this little toddler was being taught. I think it’s disgusting. There are lots of cultural ideas that make me wince at the thought of teaching to little children. Kids are routinely being indoctrinated with religious and other statist bullshit every day in their homes, schools, on TV and the Internet. So they grow up warped.
But what really makes me sad is the fact that so few people today give a damn about the Constitution; the Bill of Rights; and the First Amendment. They think that the statist collective is perfectly justified in trampling on our rights as the best means to justify their ends.
They think it’s OK to kidnap cussing kids in Omaha.

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  1. I don't believe the fact that the toddler was cussing was enough reason to remove him from the home. However, the fact that adults were encouraging the child to say things like,"s*ck my d*ck," shows that the child was in an unhealthy, abusive environment. That's why I don't believe this is a First Amendment issue; it's about abuse.