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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hair Raising Public School Statists in Texas

American Public education statists believe that they have a perfect right to compel by force all human beings between the ages of five and eighteen years to forfeit their precious time, liberty and constitutional rights for seven hours of collective confinement every weekday 280 days every year.
And while they’re at it, these same statists claim the right to force their school-aged victims to conform in all manner of behavior, dress, personal appearance and thought. The children are treated just like inmates in a state penitentiary; penalized for the slightest infractions. It is not enough that they are prisoners; they’re expected to conform like sheep.
Witness the sad case of straight-A student, Devin Gonzalez, a junior at Elysian Fields High School in Ark-La-Tex Texas. She was penalized with suspension because of her hair color. "I got sent home because my hair is red" she explains. 
It had been that same color for more than a year, but now the statist administrators are forcing her to change it. They think it’s distracting and doesn’t meet the school dress code.
"I was allowed to come back Thursday because I attempted to dye my hair a different color, but it didn't work obviously," she said. So she was suspended again. The statist principal insists that student hair must be a natural color. "It can't be two-toned and it has to be a natural color.”
"I do volleyball, softball, I'm in FFA, OAP, I'm in one of the plays, I tutor little kids at the elementary on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I don't feel like I'm a trouble maker. I freak out when I get a B," she added. Now she’s hoping her new hair color won't cause any more trouble or stand in the way of her education again.
Yes, they’ve taught this poor little lamb well.  She’s meekly caving in to their criminal demands which violate her First Amendment right to freedom of expression as though she’s the trouble maker deserving punishment. She’s just another hapless victim of those hair raising public school statists in Texas.

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  1. I live in Texas, but spent a few years in Pennsylvania. While there, my older daughter (who was 10 at the time) was sent home with a note claiming her blue hair was "disruptive". I told her if she wanted to keep her hair blue, I would fight for her. She didn't think it was worth it.

    Now I have another daughter in "public" school (against my wishes and better judgement, but that's another story). In this Texas school district, they also blatantly push Christianity along with State worship. The school district has a "dress code" that forbids "Mohawk haircuts", but permits those stupid military skull rugs- which are nothing more than a modified Mohawk. It's all about worshiping the State and it's tools, and pushing the most locally popular religion. I see many clashes ahead.