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Monday, April 7, 2014

Believe the fantasy or be a terrorist

In the Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia today the law specifies that peaceful honest atheists are considered terrorists. Saudi King Abdullah has decided to clamp down with force upon all forms of political dissent and even peaceful protests that could, in his mind, “harm public order.”
Article 1 of the “terrorism” law prohibits “Calling for atheist thought in any form, or calling into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based.” Any such thoughts, including peaceful protests and all expressions, whether violent or non-violent, are deemed by this Islamic barbarian as “insult[s] to the reputation of the state.”
The law was introduced by royal decree without judicial oversight. Believe my fantasy or be a terrorist declared the King. Advocating freedom of thought makes one a terrorist says the King. The irony is that Saudi Arabia is a current and recently-elected member of the United Nations Human Rights Council. There is no such thing has human rights in Saudi Arabia.
Of course, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia already has a law requiring the death sentence for apostasy. Conversion from Islam to any other religion, or any expression of atheism was already unlawful and could lead to execution by the state. The lucky ones convicted of apostasy are forced at a minimum to disavow their views and undergo “re-education.”
Much of the king’s wrath is directed at a growing number of Saudis travelling abroad to take part in Syria’s civil war and then coming home with newfound training and ideas about overthrowing the monarchy.
You see, when some intelligent people are exposed to the light of reason they start getting “dangerous” ideas about the nature and purpose of Authority!  They start to question the fantasy of religion.  That’s what all religion is – pure fantasy -- fantasy with a purpose.
Deprived people begin to understand exactly how tyrants like King Abdullah have been using Islam for centuries to domesticate human beings just like it’s done with camels, sheep and goats. Then they start thinking that this statist monarchy under which the tyrant’s have them subjugated isn’t such a great idea after all, and maybe it should be overthrown. That’s what the king fears. He's terrified. That’s why he issues the royal decrees.
King Abdullah and all the princes and privileged elites within the royal house of Saud are not just a bunch of stupid individuals. They aren’t crazy. To the contrary; they know that they have a good thing going for themselves simply by convincing their subjects, if not willingly then by force, to adopt a 5th century mindset inside their conscious minds which renders them slaves to the religion.
Believe the fantasy or be a terrorist. 

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