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Thursday, April 3, 2014

What Victory?

President Obama and his socialist oriented Democrat administration hacks are claiming “victory” and running a ceremonial “victory lap” over the fact that 7 million hapless American suckers have reportedly signed up for ObamaCare as of the March 31, 2014 midnight deadline.
Seven million signup’s was the original goal for the program. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney exalted that the total number of sign-ups by the midnight deadline, despite all the problems with the very rocky website rollout, constituted a "remarkable surge in enrollment."
Victory; what victory?
The ObamaCare law has been an unmitigated disaster so far and the worst is yet to come. That so-called Affordable Care Act has not been affordable except, of course, for the poor, sick, old and previously uninsurable folks who will now get health insurance for next to nothing courtesy of the nation’s young affluent healthy people who’ll be forced to pay for it through the nose.  
"This law is doing what it's supposed to do. It's working," the President crowed from his perch in the White House Rose Garden. "The debate over repealing this law is over," he boasted. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay… there's no good reason to go back.”
But we’re going to find out soon enough that, of that 7 million who signed up on the website, a big chunk of them didn’t pay any premium, so they signed up alright, but they’re not actually enrolled.
We’re going to discover that not enough young and healthy people signed up and paid their premiums to offset the huge cost of enrolling the poor, sick, and older customers who were uninsurable beforehand.
And the facts will show that most of the people who signed up did so only because the law required it, and/or they had their health insurance cancelled because of ObamaCare. In other words, many of these people already had health insurance they were happy with but were forced into signing up for ObamaCare because of the law mandating that they do so.
That’s a victory?
Hardly; It’s like the government claiming victory when, by the April 15th deadline for filing income tax returns with the IRS, most of the millions of taxpayers comply. Well, of course they comply; the law forces them to comply. If they don’t comply the IRS will slap a lien on their property and they might go to prison.
You see, statist government agents call it a “victory” when, after they mandate laws requiring this or that, most of the sheep comply because they have no practical choice but to comply. If the government erects a stop sign at a highway intersection, for example, and afterword most drivers stop, only because they don’t want to get a ticket and pay a fine for not stopping, the goons call it a “victory.”
The bottom line here is that if 7 million suckers signed up for ObamaCare, most of them did so because they felt compelled to do so. After all, ObamaCare is the law today and those who refuse to sign up will be forced to pay a fine.
Victory; what victory?

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