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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Put a Bounty on ‘em

I’m a committed libertarian and hate violence but was dead serious last month when I wrote that:  Religious Fanaticism Threatens Us All; and earlier this month when I made the case that: They Must Be Eliminated.
Now I’m advocating that an international bounty be put on each and every one of these uncivilized savages. If they resist capture and try to elude lawful justice for their crimes, they should be hunted down and eradicated like plague infested rats.
This week the Islamic State religious fanatics released a 42-minute audio recording on Internet social media sites calling upon like minded Muslims everywhere to murder innocent civilians in countries that belong to the anti-ISIS, U.S.-led coalition. "If you can kill a disbelieving American or European, especially the spiteful and filthy French, or an Australian, or a Canadian or any other disbeliever, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be," an ISIS spokesman says.
They’re serious, folks. And it’s time to get serious in dealing with them.
The U.S. government has taken a step in the right direction but our President is far too timid and incompetent to do the job right. This is really not a task for conventional military forces fighting wars with other nations. ISIS and Al Qaeda are nothing more than an army of criminals and they should be dealt with as criminals.
There should be an international coalition, approved by Congress and the President, consisting of every civilized nation on the planet willing to join. It should be dedicated to identifying, pursuing, rooting out and eliminating the threat posed by these international criminals. Each nation should chip in its appropriate share of the necessary funds.
First, the intelligence agencies of each nation in the coalition should seek to identify and publish the names and whereabouts of as many of the criminals as they can.  That task shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish given the technology which exists today. A substantial financial bounty should then be put upon the heads of each individual identified criminal.
Each criminal should know that a bounty has been put on his head; each should know that he is a wanted criminal; that money will be paid to anyone, whether friend of foe, who assists in his being brought to justice; that he can trust no one, not even his own mother. Those who submit to lawful justice would be punished appropriately but have their lives spared. Those who don’t would be hunted down and taken out like vermin.
Next, the coalition, which should be led by the United States, should put together an elite well trained, well equipped and well paid fighting force consisting strictly of volunteers from the military forces of each coalition nation – men who can pass rigorous standards for Special Forces style combat missions.
The special force should operate separate and apart from the conventional U.S. military but be assisted by them logistically and otherwise while remaining answerable ultimately to Congress and the President. Essentially it would be a well disciplined highly motivated special force of mercenaries – an international military police force swat team consisting of disciplined men who love violence and want to fight -- willing to risk their lives anywhere in the world for honor and a price. They would participate in and share the bounties as well.
That is the right way to deal with armies of international religious fanatic criminals – put a bounty on ‘em.


  1. I have to wonder what will happen with the special force of mercenaries once they've defeated the moslem boogiemen. And since they answer to the President and Congress, what happens when they decide that there are similar enemies right here in America, like maybe the Tea Party, or gun rights supporters, or libertarians, or whomever they think they might need to consider an enemy to the continued status in power.

    Hmmm, an elite force of killers at the beck and call of the political elite. What could go wrong?

    1. Good points, geoih. I don't like forces of military goons any more than you do. However, in this instance I'm talking about an international coalition of mercenaries -- not just Americans but men from many civilized nations -- a relatively small elite force that would be disbanded once the job was done. The private sector could accomplish the mission with the cooperation of governments.

      There are times when it becomes necessary for peaceful honest people in the civilized world to stand up to the real threats posed by gangs of vicious criminals, and I beleive that now is such a time. Those "moslem boogiemen" as you call them will do a lot more damage if left unchecked. They're murdering "unbelievers" wherever they can be found. I'm one of those "unbelievers." They would murder me in a heartbeat. It's a matter of self defense. Libertarians believe in the right of self defense. We need to defend ourselves from religious fanatacism run amok.

  2. "... with the cooperation of governments."

    And how can you possibly keep this from turning into a monster? Have you not learned the lesson of the Constitution? You cannot fight fanatacism with more fanatacism. You're simply creating another monster to destroy you.

    There will always be fanatics ready to foist their brand of utopia on everybody else. Libertarians do not need to be just another group of such utopians. That's a big problem for libertarians, fighting the urge to be utopian. The real lesson for libertarians is that you never get to stop guarding against violence, coercion, and yes, evil. It is, and will always be, with us. It cannot be exterminated.