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Friday, September 5, 2014

They Must Be Eliminated

I took some heat last month for my post Religious Fanaticism Threatens Us All wherein I made a case for the whole world, including the United States of America, standing up to religious fanatics who threaten us with death for simply believing differently.  That case is even more relevant today.

These fanatics include specifically Islamic State jihadists in Northern Syria and Iraq; that band of savages terrorizing the people of the region; the monsters responsible for the ritualized videotaped beheading of journalist James Foley solely because he was an American.

They should be hunted down like rabid dogs and neutralized for their religiously motivated genocide. That’s because no religion confers upon its believers the right to murder, maim, enslave, or otherwise victimize innocent people for the “offense” of believing differently.

As a libertarian, I’m against the U.S. meddling into the affairs of other nations.

The Vietnam War, for example was a colossal mistake costing Americans tens of thousands of lives and $billions upon $billions of taxpayer dollars. The North Vietnamese presented zero threat to Americans. Trying to contain communism among people who wanted communism was a fool’s errand. We have nothing to show for it.

George W. Bush’s invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq were likewise horrible mistakes costing $trillions of dollars and thousands of innocent lives. Saddam Hussein did not threaten the U.S. As bad a guy as he was he was still a stabilizing force in the region. The chaos we see there today would not be happening if the U.S had stayed out of Iraq.

Similarly, the Taliban government in Afghanistan was not a threat to Americans. We could have taken the fight to Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda terrorists without overthrowing the Taliban and occupying the country.  Americans received no benefit from the folly of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

But Al Qaeda and the ISL jihadist religious fanatics do indeed present a clear and present threat to all Americans, all Europeans, and all of the other peaceful innocent people of the world. Their avowed purpose is to establish a world dominated Islamic caliphate and, in the process, to eliminate any people who refuse to accept their particular barbaric form of religion.

Lately these murdering pigs have publicly beheaded Steven Sotloff, another American, simply because he was an American. The threat to Americans is real. They intend to kidnap and kill Americans anywhere they can be found anywhere in the world. If given the chance they will terrorize and kill Americans in America. They intend to kill or enslave anyone who won’t accept their religion. No one is safe anywhere with these fanatics on the loose.

During the late 18th and early 19th centuries when the United States of America was a new player on the world stage, President Thomas Jefferson found it necessary to stand up with military force to the Islamic Barbary Coast Pirates of Northern Africa who demanded tribute from American merchant ships and others doing trade in the Mediterranean Sea.

If tribute wasn’t paid these pirates would seize ships and often kill or enslave the crews, and hold them for ransom. Jefferson sent a U.S naval fleet to the region and put a stop to it. He did it because it was necessary. Americans benefited.

The Al Queada and ISL jihadists are a far worse threat to Americans and the rest of the civilized world than the Barbary Coast pirates.

They must be eliminated. 


  1. Disappointing to see the same lazy logic from you as from more statist commentators, Timothy.

    ISIS's "avowed aim" is irrelevant.

    Charles Manson's "avowed aim" was to ignite an American race war and take over with dune buggies in the aftermath ... something he had about as much chance of achieving as ... well, as ISIS has of achieving its global caliphate.

    And just as the area police were quite capable of doing for Charles Manson, the region's armed forces are more than equipped to do for ISIS. Even the most overheated, propagandist estimates of their strength in Iraq and Syria combined doesn't put them in the same league as any of the region's national armies or as the Kurdish Peshmerga or the Iran-backed Hezbollah.

    Just as, as you put it, the chaos we see today would not have happened if Bush hadn't invaded Iraq, the chaos we see tomorrow will turn out to have been a direct result of continued US intervention today if we continue to take this "ISIS is an existential threat" bullshit seriously.

    1. You actually support my point, Tom. Both statists and libertarians using "lazy logic" agree that mad dog criminals must be eliminated, especially when their "avowed aim" is to murder as many people as they can.

      Charles Manson is an excellent example. Sure, he was a lightweight as far as the extent of damage he could cause with his madness, but still he had to be eliminated, and that is the point I'm making. He simply had to be neutralized. It didn't take a huge military force to accomplish the task. He just had to be hunted down and taken out. That's what must be done with the Islamic State mad dogs. They have to be eliminated one by one.

      If the region's armed forces are quite capable of doing this, they why haven't they done it? Why have they allowed the Islamic State to grow out of control. The truth is that they are scared shitless of the mad dogs and flee for their lives before them. They won't or can't do anything about them.

      ISIS is killing Americans for the fun of it. None of us is safe abroad, especially in the Middle East with them on the loose. They'll kill us in America if given half a chance. As you say, it shouldn't take much to eliminate them like you would eliminate rabid dogs. They must be eliminated.

  2. So I'm guessing you won't be posting as much in the future, because you'll be in Iraq fighting the good fight against religous fanatics. Certainly you aren't espousing the killing others without being there to do it yourself as well. Or maybe you're simply planning on paying the others to do your share of the killing. How much are you planning on paying?

    1. And what will you be doing? Waiting for them to come for you, I suppose.

    2. I'm not the one proclaiming the need to exterminate some collective I don't like.

    3. Give them the chance and they will happily exterminate you.

    4. Lions would happily exterminate me too, but I don't see that as a good reason to exterminate lions.

      But none of this answers the first question: what are you going to do to combat this great threat you perceive?