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Friday, May 8, 2015

Your Fantasy is Imaginary; My Fantasy is Reality

“I’m interested only in dealing with reality and facts,” declared Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal this week when he called upon President Obama and the world’s Muslim leaders  to publicly condemn  the “acts of barbarism,” perpetrated by Islamic radicals. “Let’s be honest here, Islam has a problem,” said Jindal. “We are fools to pretend otherwise.”
“It is also time for Muslim leaders everywhere to step up and declare that perpetrators of such violence are the enemy, they are wrong, and they will NOT be rewarded in the afterlife,” he concluded.
Of course Governor Jindal is absolutely correct. He’s clearly stating reality and facts. He’s being honest. Islam has a problem and those who pretend otherwise are fools. The Islamic jihadists are wrong. They will NOT be rewarded in the afterlife.
I love it when right wing religious extremists like Bobby Jindal candidly admit and loudly proclaim that religion is fantasy. Oh, no, not his own religion – not Christianity -- but that other guy’s religion. Christianity is reality. Jesus will put Christians in heaven. That other religion, however, is wrong, imaginary fantasy, and they won’t be rewarded in the afterlife.
But the reality and facts of the matter are that everything the radical Islamic jihadists believe is supported in the Koran, just like everything moderate Muslims believe is supported there. And everything that right wing Christian religious extremists believe can be found in the Holy Bible, just like everything that moderate Christians believe can be found there.
If Governor Jindal were completely honest though he would have to admit that all religions have the very same problem – they are all entirely imaginary. God’s are imaginary. When a person dies there is no ‘afterlife.’ The afterlife exists only for those who are still alive after his life expires.
 Only fools pretend otherwise. No one is going to an ‘afterlife’ when they die. They’re dead, that’s why. A million years from now they might be dug up but they’ll still be dead. That is the reality.
The sooner individuals on this planet come to recognize that reality the better off they and the rest of humanity will be. For one thing there will be no more imaginary excuses for barbarism and other bad behaviors – no more “your fantasy is imaginary”; “my fantasy is reality.“


  1. I wonder why atheists are so 100% positive that once they close their mortal eyes for the last time - that's it. Total, complete, endless non-existence and oblivion.

    If this is the case, then for what purpose is any type of morality? Lie, cheat, steal, rape, murder... who cares (as long as you personally either profit from it or beat the rap).

    Once you're gone, you're gone. You won't care less about society or the human race, because you will have checked out permanently and completely. You will be a nothing.

    I do not profess to be a religious adherent. I do profess that the human creation is far more than what you give it credit for. If it is only an animated sack of bio-chemical reactions - then screw it all. Eat, drink and be merry. For no matter what you do, it's gonna be a short ride.

    There is no logical purpose to be moral with your "oblivion-fated" mindset. None whatsoever. As long as you can keep ahead of the law, the creditors and the angry husbands, wives, fathers and mothers - go ahead and do whatever you want. "There ain't no Karma, so their ain't no consequences!"

    1. All of your concerns are answered in my book: AUTHORITY! – IMPLICATIONS OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE REALITY OF EXISTENCE. The key to 100% certainty is to understand the human invention of consciousness and the evolution of conceptual language. All fantasy is a human invention created using consciousness. Religion (fantasy) is not necessary for morality. Reason is what’s necessary.